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Sunday, Jan 6, 2013

Epiphany Ultra

Redwood Park

Oakland, CA 50K

This Event Took Place Sun. Jan 6, 2013

Start at 7am, or not!

It's the New Year, and time for the 33rd Epiphany Run! Running yearns to be free - and so does Epiphany! Therefore: no t-shirt, no wimps, no complaints. Remember: you get what you pay for. 

This is a run without any rules, really. Start whenever you want - though most of us gather at 7am at Skyline Gate to sing happy birthday to Tropical John Medinger on who's honor this run is forever 50k, or less. Run as far as you want. Everyone is responsible for keeping track of their own time and distance on the clipboard at Skyline Gate. 


We start at Skyline Gate and run to Chabot Marina and back, similar to the Firetrails 50 course. There is an extra out and back for the 50k. Here are two detailed park maps. First is the start at Skyline to the Bort Aid Station. The second covers the area from Bort to the Chabot Marina.

For you familiar with the run, there are some changes to the course this year, as you'll see here! There is just one small change where we will run along the Golden Spike trail instead of running on Redwood Road. 

These are all main fire roads should prove difficult to get lost. Nonetheless, you are welcome to try.


There is one aid station, at Bort Meadow, with snacks for the assembled body. There's water along course and at Chabot Marina, where there is also a snack bar.

Local time: 8:14 PM
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