Saturday, Dec 22, 2012

Trail of Fears

Jackson , TN 16hrs, Variable Distance

This Event Took Place Sat. Dec 22, 2012


Rough premise: Race starts at 7am. Runners will have 1 hour to complete the 4.3 mile trail loop. If you don’t finish the loop in less than 1 hour then you are eliminated. Pretty easy, huh!?!? Well, the race resumes at 8am with those that haven’t been eliminated. If a runner doesn’t answer the bell at the top of the hour when the race resumes then he/she is eliminated as well. The race will continue every hour until one runner remains. After 5-6 loops there is a possibility that the time will be reduced by 1-minute per loop if a majority of the field remains. (This is the tentative plan and could/can/will change as we run the numbers more and test the loop out). It will start in the early light and likely finish under the moon with a crowd of coyotes and exhausted, eliminated runners around. (If a runner finishes the loop in 40 min then he/she has 20 min to sit around, rest, refuel until race starts back at the top of the next hour. If another runner comes in at 59 minutes then that runner has less than a minute before it restarts.

Local time: 8:10 PM


Joshua Holmes
Race Director