Saturday, Aug 17, 2013

Iron Legs

Station Flats - Kananaskis Country

Calgary , AB 50 Mile Solo, 2 Person Relay, 3 Person Relay

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 17, 2013


The course runs clockwise around Moose Mountain, starting and finishing at Station Flats. Once you start you will parallel Highway 66 as you work your way west before heading up and over Powderface saddle. Once you reach the saddle you will drop down to Ford Creek and work you way along to the beginning of Jumpingpound Ridge. You will now head up and over Jumpingpound Ridge, summiting Jumpingpound Mountain and then heading over Cox Hill. At this point you will run into the Dawson parking lot and the exchange point for the 2 person relay. As you leave this point, you will be making your way back to Station Flats via the Tom Snow trail.

Local time: 9:36 AM


Jamie Nott
Race Director