This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 2, 2013

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The race will start at the Solon Recreation Complex at the Timber Dome. Runners will enter the North Shore Trail into Lake Macbride Park where they will find their first major aid station near the beach house. They will enter the Dam to Beach trail proceeding to the dam, cross the spillway and take the trails towards the boat house, which is also the second aid station. They will run past the boat house, re-entering the trails for a few more miles going past the boat house again. Runners will then head down towards the lake and immediately take a right onto the Field Campus Trail and onto Lake Macbride Rd to Mehaffey Bridge Rd. There they will head left, facing traffic but running on the shoulder of the road (which is about 3 feet wide) until they reach Racine Rd in Solon. They will turn left on Racine and head to the finish line at the Timber Dome lodge, at this point their race is complete or they will run one more lap depending on their distance of choice. The 50K is two laps of the same course.

Local time: 12:56 AM


Tim Smith
Race Director

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