This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 16, 2013

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The Chimera is a figure out of Greek mythology. She is a fire breathing animal comprised of a lion, a goat, and a serpent... and those who have participated in her race refer to it simply as "THE BEAST"

The Chimera 100 Mile race takes place on a figure eight course that starts and finishes at Blue Jay Campground, located in the Trabuco region of the Cleveland National Forest. All races in the Forest are by permit of the USDA Forest Service... Bluejay is located 22 miles east of San Juan Capistrano, Ca. and 5 miles North of the Ortega Highway (RTE74). The 100M race has over 22,000' of elevation gain and is rated one of the toughest trail 100 Mile Races in the Country.

The 2015 course is a 46 mile loop out of Bluejay Campground. It then begins a series of climbs and descents in over and around the Saddleback Mountains. There are 18 well stocked Aid Stations, each captained by a veteran ultrarunner, many of them RD's.

The views from the summit of Santiago Peak can be spectacular on a clear day. Included are the Queen Mary in Long Beach harbor, downtown Los Angeles, and the beach cities of the OC. The light shows at night can be extremely dramatic with the mountains surrounded by a sea of city lights. In a population of almost 10 million, fewer that 1/100 of a % of the people in the greater LA area have seen these views. As with any course in the national forest the course can be modified at any time if so dictated by the Forest Service.

We are restricted to 150 runners (including pacers) total... Pacing permission in will be determined on a runner by runner basis - preference being given to the elderly, infirm, and distance virgins.

Please refer to the race website for course details. Active duty military, police, and fire fighters are invited to take a 25% entry discount by e-mailing the race director at and requesting the voucher code.

Course Change

Note: The course had to be altered due to the recent Silverado fire. The change includes 12 additional miles of singletrack while maintaining the same net elevation changes. It has created additional parking problems in Bluejay Campground so we are requesting (demanding sounds a bit stern) that you have no more than one vehicle in Bluejay at a time. We are attempting to locate overflow parking in the vicinity (up to one mile) have your supporters and spectators wear comfortable shoes and carry head lamps.

Service Requirement

Chimera takes place on trails in the Trabuco Wilderness and these trails are maintained by volunteers.  We have implemented a service requirement for entry into the 2013 Chimera.  We are asking all entrants (including potential pacers) to donate at least six hours of trail maintenance on the Chimera trails* OR if coming from out of the Orange, Riverside, LA or San Diego Counties, performing trail maintenance or other service in a National Forest is acceptable.

Because we understand the difficulty of scheduling and demands of traveling we will accept 'self certification'.  A family hike on the trail picking up litter is recognized service, as is participating on a major trail rerouting.

*or on other trails identified by the Forest Service.  We have modified the service requirement this year to make it easier for you. We accept any public service and accept self certification. Do what you can (hopefully in the forest)... that's all - no certification other than your word.

Discount Coupons

Active duty military, police, fire fighters, and 2014 Chimera 100 Volunteers may receive a 25% discount.   Email for the coupon code.  Please indicate which branch of service, city, and department... Chimera volunteers may not transfer their entry to a non-volunteer.

Local time: 10:52 AM


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