This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 30, 2013


Have you ever dreamed of a late winter, non-motorized outing on the frozen Tanana River? Did that vision also include aid-stations and a party afterwards? Well if it did, you’re in luck. Join us for the 3rd annual Tanana River Challenge (TRC); an endurance race to include skiers, skijorers, and bikers. The race course will follow the mighty and frozen Tanana River from Fairbanks, down-river and back through the Tanana State Forest; a distance of roughly 50 miles (75 km)! Racers will enjoy the spring sunshine, the frozen river beneath, and the beautiful landscape that is interior Alaska!

This event is a re-incarnation of the much-loved Equinox Ultra-Ski 100k Challenge which was run [between Nenana and Fairbanks] for many years by Audun and Sally Endestad of Fairbanks. It is a celebration of traveling together on fast and crusty spring snow, on the wide expanse of the frozen Tanana, and through the remote unknown SW of Fairbanks. You’ll have occasional glimpses of distant peaks in the Hayes Range as you wind your way past fish camps, spruce islands, and scenic bluffs. As Audun always used to say, “You’ll finish with the sun on your shoulders and a smile on your face.

Local time: 10:35 AM


Matt Sprau
Race Director