This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 9, 2013

Race Course Description

The Chena River to Ridge race will take racers around maintained snowmachine trails in the Chena River Recreation Area east of Fairbanks. It is a challenging race course with big ascents, fast downhills, blind turns, and outstanding views as the trail climbs high above the valley floor. Racers can either travel by ski, bike, or on foot. The short course will follow a 25 mile loop and the longer course will include a second loop that is 20 miles long. The 25-mile loop will have a small aid station at race mile 13 which will be stocked with hot drinks and some snacks. The 45-mile loop will also have a heated aid station cabin near mile 34.   After the race, you can go and soak in the outdoor pond at Chena Hot Springs resort, about 30 minutes away.  Come out and join us Sat Feb 27, 2016.


The trail is relatively narrow and classic skis are ideal for this race course, although there are some short sections where the trail widens up enough for skate skiing (that being said, the 2015 winner of the 45-mile ski division accomplished it on shorty skate skis). The grades on the trail rarely exceed 10 percent, so the entire course is ride-able for cyclists.  

Local time: 1:19 PM


Edward Plumb
Race Director
Laura Gutierrez

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