This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 21, 2013


Run for the Horses 50K 80K

Combining a run and race can be a very cool experience for all involved! The starts are timed and the course is designed so that all of the competitors are doing the ride together for the last several miles. Horses and runners sharing the trail works very well. From a competitor standpoint, camaraderie develops as well as good humored joking between riders and runners as each group encounters and encourages the other. From a run and ride management standpoint there is a lot of synergy which helps given the large amount of volunteer time and energy to put on a run and ride

The Biltmore course will be on a combination of light dirt roads, gravel roads, and old logging trails. For this event, we will not use any of the single track so that there will always be room for horse and rider to pass runner or vice versa. Some of the old logging roads are a bit rutty but they are wide enough that one can choose appropriate footing. The topography is varied.

There is water on course for horses and aid stations appropriately spaced, manned and supplied as well.

We look forward to seeing you run in our second Run for the Horses at the Beautiful Biltmore Estate.

Local time: 10:15 AM


Whitney Wright
Race Director

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