This event has been postponed.


Dumass Events is excited to put the Trans North Georgia Ultra Stage Race. 300+ miles in 7 days. Race will start on Saturday, September 22 and end on Sunday, September 22nd, provide two meals per day, tents, as well as GPS tracker (so all our friends will know where you are), and 1 aid station each day. There will be individual as well as 2 person relay teams. All individuals will be required to have one crew person. Crew person will also be given tent space and meals.

Example of a normal day:
Wake up, and everyone starts at point A (the start) at the same time ie 8 am. You are feed breakfast. Then you are given maps. Then you take off. If you are solo you start if you are in a team then one person starts. You are responsible for following the map and the course.  The map will include basic directions. Example. at mile 3.4 turn left onto the Bartram Trail.
At aprox. the half way point we will have an aid station set up. This will be the ONLY aid station besides the start and finish that we provide. The crew must assist with the rest. At this point the 2 person Relay teams can switch off. NOTE: You can only exchange here and not randomly along the course!

Teams and solo runners will have X number of hours to complete the stage for the day. If you do not complete the stage in that time frame you are done.
At the finish for the day you will have a tent set up and dinner.
You go to sleep and repeat the next day.

Qualifying for solo runners
Runners must demonstrate their worth with past races.

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