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Saturday, Jul 20, 2013

Rohring Round the Clock - Redux

4375 Bonita Road

Chula Vista, CA 12hrs, 6hrs, 24hrs, 100 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Jul 20, 2013


The Rohring Course is a 5K loop with 45-50 feet of ascent / descent per lap.  75% of the course is dirt or DG trail.  The balance includes some bike path blacktop, sidewalk and concrete.  There is grass surrounding a portion of the sidewalk and concrete, so you can use that if you wish.  The course traverses the boundary of a golf course, and the inside of a city park.  It crosses a parking lot driveway ( where you will park your car near the start / finish ) and one residential street.  We recommend gaiters.  We will serve typical ULTRA fare at our venue.  Water, Electrolyte Replacement Fluid, Sugary and Salty Snacks, PBJ sandwiches and other old-school food will be aplenty.  If you need some special, scientifically-formulated, performance-enhancing, mind-altering gooey or pasty stuff to fuel your engine... feel free to bring it and share with your friends.  Medals to all competitors of all distances.  Buckles to 100 mile finishers.   Trophies to first place finishers in 6, 12, and 24 / 100 mile events.  Results posted on UltraSignup, sent to athlinks and on our blog.  Winner of each event gets free entry to future race to defend their title.

24 Hour Cutoff

If you are unable to complete 80 miles in 24 hours, you will be asked to stop at that point and your official 24 hour distance will be recorded.  A typical runner just making the 24 hour cutoff may finish 50 miles in under 14 hours and 100KM in under 18 hours.  If you haven't made those indicator times, either due to the heat, or due to not having your best day, you should probably reset your goal from 100 miles to 24 hours maximum.  It's unusual to run negative splits in a 100 mile race.  It can be hot in July and we don't want anyone pushing beyond their ability under those circumstances.  The evenings tend to cool down considerably, but once the sun rises in July, it can be very challenging on day 2 of a long race.  So set your GO / NO GO target before you start the race and let your crew / pacer know what it is.  

Official Distances

In the past, runners in the 6 hour race have completed the following official distances:

15K, 20K, Marathon, 50K and 55K.  A Half Marathon course has also been marked and run in under 1h45min.
55K is the current 6 hour record.  The current 50K record is 3h38m30s.
Elvis set a PR in the recent marathon on this course.  He also holds the record for Marathon.

We can record any 5K increment, as that is the distance for 1 lap.

In the past, runners in the 12 hour race have completed the following official distances:
50K, 50 Miles, 100K, 125K.  125K is the current 12 hour record.

In the past, two runners have dropped from 100 Miles to 100K distance / 12 hours.
All remaining 100 mile runners have finished the distance in under 30 hours.
4 runners completed 100 miles in under 24 hours.
The current course record is 17h09m30s.

24 Hour Runners / 100 Mile Runners should have a crew and pacer or run with a fellow lunatic.

Local time: 4:07 AM

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