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Saturday, Aug 3, 2013

Dog Daze Doubles

Chula Vista, CA 1/2 Marathon, Marathon, 50K, 10K

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 3, 2013


This is your chance to get in that last long run before the BIG race, The AFC Half Marathon, for example.  The course is remarkably flat, 5K loop, on forgiving dirt trails around a park and golf course.   There is oneOPTIONAL hill you can run per lap, it’s about 30 feet high,  it's optional  for all but lunatics and it only adds to the EXTRA MILE :D   Gaiters or trail shoes recommended but not required.

This course is easy on your feet, has some shaded areas, separated from street traffic, and parking is free at the start/ finish.  There are several brick and mortar restrooms, drinking fountains, Starbucks, Mc Donalds, Jack in the Box, AM/ PM and free WiFi at the start/ finish line.  There is also an Ice Cream Parlor, Rite Aid, Vons, as well as Oyster bar, Taco Shop, and some other eating and drinking establishments for post-race refreshments right across the street.

You will run clockwise loops around the trail.  The run starts and finishes behnd the Bonita-Sunnyside Library.  The course is NOT a certified distance, we don't use chip timing.  We are old school runners, you can expect our course to always be a little bit longer than standard distance.  Our 5K is actually Pi miles. Our 10K is actually 2 Pi miles.  If you don't remember your geometry, thats 3.14 miles in Pi miles, approximately.  Why?  Because we are lunatics and just a little bit crazy.

Starting Times

50 K / Marathon: 5:30 AM, please arrive by 5:15 for bib pick up.

1/2 Marathon, 6:00 AM, please arrive by 5:45 for bib pick up.
10K, 6:30 AM, please arrive by 6:15 for bib pick up.

Time Limits:  Marathon / 50K Max is 7 hours.  ( 50 / 42 minutes per lap )
                  1/2 Marathon max is 5 hours. ( 1hour 10 minutes per lap )
                  10K Max is 2 hours. ( 1 hour per lap ).
                   If you only want to run 5K, that's fine register for 10K and do 1 lap, you get a medal and an official finish time.
                  A typical fast walker in a race can average around 3 - 3.5 MPH.
                  Each Lap is 5K or 3.1x miles


Dog Daze Doubles....10K, Half Marathon & Marathon or 50 K.  3 races.

Finishers Medals for all Runners.   10 K is 2 laps.  Half Marathon is 4 laps plus a 1K out and Back.
Marathon is 8 Laps plus an Out and Back.
50 K is 10 Laps.   The course Record for 50 K is 3:38:09.  
There is no course record for 10 K...yet.. It could be yours!
Location:  See Map above, at Bonita Rd. & Billy Casper Way, Chula Vista, Ca. 
North Side of Street.  Park in front of library or immediately to the Right of
the library... on the left side of Billy Casper.
This run is hosted by the So. Cal Ultra Lunatics, and as such it has a permit and insurance.
This is our third event so far this year on this course.  Our Lunatics have run up to 101 miles,
that's right, over 32 laps on this course, so it's a proven race venue.


There is a 25% Discount for Repeat Lunatic Runners, 10% for Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics.  To get the discount, email me with your name, the race you ran, and the email address from your ultra signup account.

Qualifying past events:  Rohring Around the Clock, Rohring Rock Marathon, Rohring Around the Clock Redux, Eastlake Half Marathon.

Also, Newly implemented discount for active Military, First Responders and CPR / AED / First Aid Certified runners with currently valid CPR Certification.  Email me with your qualification, and your Ultra Signup email address.

Bonus free race:  If you previously won one of the events at our previous races, you are entitled to one free event of the same distance or shorter distance to defend your title or set a new course record.  You need to let us know ahead of time so we can preregister you for the event.

Qualifying past events:  Rohring Around the Clock, Rohring Rock Marathon, Rohring Around the Clock Redux, Eastlake Half Marathon.

Local time: 3:38 PM

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