Saturday, Dec 14, 2013

Bartram 100s

Milledgeville, GA 100 Miler, 100K

This Event Took Place Sat. Dec 14, 2013


The course will be a 6.25 mile loop on forest service roads and some trail, mostly dirt and grass.

100 milers complete 16 loops.

100k runners complete 10 loops (62.5 miles).

There are not many roots or rocks on the course; there are a couple of short stretches of the service road with large gravel, but there is room to run on the side of the road on these short stretches.

There are some hills, but no major climbs.

The course will be very well marked with flags, tape and/or directional arrows during the day and with glow-sticks at night.


There are no water crossings.

Local time: 7:43 AM


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