Thursday, Jul 10, 2014

Blue Blazes Ultra

Lake Isabella

Loveland , OH Three Day Event, Two Day + Volunteer

Registration closes: Mon, Jun 30 @ 11:59PM


This July runners will take on the famous Blue Blazes (Great Buckeye) Trail. During this 3-day event, runners will run, eat, and live together while completing nearly 110 miles through southern Ohio. This event will be fully supported, providing runners with meals, hydration, and all things needed to complete such an event.
       Blue Blazes Ultra allows runners to participate in a point-to-point event, never seeing the same path twice, and seeing some of the great scenery Ohio has to offer.
      The course runs from Loveland, Ohio, through the beautiful Caesars Creek and John Bryan State Parks, Xenia, Yellow Springs, Springfield, and ends in Fairborn. The course covers terrains such as bike paths and some streets, as well as singletrack racing through the state parks.
      Runners will be provided with food and nourishment for the length of their stay. Aid stations will be posted throughout the routes at various points and meals will be available to all participants at breakfast and dinner. Runners will sleep in a tent city in different locations each night. The race will also be fully equipped with medical aid, as a medic will be on staff all weekend.
      Each morning runners will leave the campsite in a mass start and run to that day's final point. With all tents, gear bags, luggage, food, and supplies waiting at the finish line, runners will have no worries about transporting their belongings from point to point.
      Each day will be a different race distance. Day one (Friday) will consist of a 50K. Day two will be the longest and toughest day at 50 miles, starting and ending in different state parks. And finally on Sunday runners will complete a marathon to get through the finish line.  Each individual race will have awards for all finishers. The 3-day event will also have awards for overall top three for both men and women, based on cumulative time. All those who complete all three races will receive a belt buckle after they've crossed the finish line on Sunday.
      Whether you're out to race each day or you're just out to have fun and meet some new people, Blue Blazes Ultra is sure to be an event to remember!

Local time: 4:25 AM


Dana Smith
Race Director

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