Saturday, Nov 16, 2013
This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 16, 2013


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10k Course Description

Combination of paved and mountain bike trails (start: approximately 1.5 miles paved, then enter 3.2 miles running on mountain bike trails (closed to bikers during the race), then finish with 1.5 miles paved). NOTE: If Shawnee Mission Park must close mountain bike trails due to weather conditions, an alternate course will be made available all on paved trails.

5k Course Description

This course is all on a paved trail. Dogs must be on a leash and strollers are allowed for the walk.

10k Distance

6.2 miles

5k Distance

3.1 miles

Trail Running Definition

Doing some or all of a run off road. Trail running has become increasingly popular in part because running in the woods is usually more appealing than sharing the road with distracted drivers. Trails' softer surfaces are also a nice change from asphalt. Expect to run slower than usual on trails.

Local time: 2:00 PM


Ginger Bliss
Race Director

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