This Event Took Place Sat. Apr 12, 2014

About the Southeastern Trail Series

In an effort to promote trail running and introduce new runners to the trails, Southeastern Trail Runs created a series of seven races, all in the Birmingham area in 2013. Again in 2016 the series will start in April with the Tranquility Lake 3 and 6 mile trail races and slowly build distance through the spring, summer and fall, culminating in an Ultra distance race in November, The Blood Rock 50 Mile and 50K. Runners that follow the series and build up training distance throughout the year will be ready for the 50K. Those that wish to go further can continue to train over the winter and by March of 2016, be ready for the Lake Martin 50 or even the Lake Martin 100. The series will consist of 7 races. Each race will offer opportunities to run further than the previous race, with more difficult terrain and more elevation gain. Participants will earn points for each event completed based on how they finished in each event. Points leaders at the end of the series will receive special awards as Southeastern Trail Challenge Points Champion. All races will take place in the Birmingham area.

If you sign up for either the full (Long) series or the short series you will receive a race shirt for all series races. The total savings for those signing up for the "Long Series" is as much as $160. You receive a significant savings in race registration fees plus you get a race shirt for all races. (And now, you my be able to save even more. The Full Series price includes the Blood Rock 50K. If you would rather run the 50 Mile, just select the Blood Rock 50 Mile option and there will be no additional charge.) Offer Expiers March 31, 2016.

Select Short Series or Long Series

You are registering for either all the short races or all the long races.
Entering the Short Series automatically enters you in the RFK 10K Trail Race. If you wish to run either the 50K or 12 Hour Challenge, select that option on the Add-on Page. (Below shirt size selection)*
The Races in the Short Series - Price $240 and includes:
1) The Tranquility Lake Trail Race - 3 Mile
2) Run for Kids Challenge - 10K
3) Memorial Day Trial Race - 6 Mile
4) Hotter 'N Hell Trail Race - 9 Mile
5) Ridge 2 Ridge - 10 Mile
6) Birmingham Stage Race - 2 Day, 32 Miles
7) Tranquility Lake - 25K

The Races in the Long Series – The Price is $335 and includes the Run for Kids 50K. You may also choose to run either the Blood Rock 50K or 50 Mile at no additional cast. If you wish to run the 12 Hour Challenge, select “RFK 12 Hour Challenge” on the Add-on page. (Below shirt size selection)
1) The Tranquility Lake Trail Race - 6 Mile
2) Run for Kids Challenge - 50K or 12 Hours (Long Series with 50K is $336 with 12 Hour $353)
3) Memorial Day Trial Race - 12 Mile
4) Hotter 'N Hell Trail Race - 18 Mile
5) Ridge 2 Ridge - 20 Mile
6) Birmingham Stage Race - 3 Day, 53 Miles
7) Blood Rock 50 Mile or 50K

IF you have any questions please contact me directly.
*If you enter the Short Series and also register for the Run for Kids 50K or 12 Hour, you will only earn 6 points to apply to the Short Series Championship for completing either.

Local time: 11:51 AM


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David Tosch
Race Director