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Old West Trails 2017 is being cancelled. Sad, but true! All runners already entered will receive FULL REFUNDS from Shelter Valley Citizens' Corp. for their entrants costs and registration fees, and meal tickets. Checks will be mailed to each of you before the end of October, 2016. So very sorry to have to disappoint you good folks!

Old West Trails has well earned its reputation in the ultra trail running community as a wonderful, fun, fair, and “go to” event… all the result of the upbeat volunteers from both Shelter Valley, and the world of ultra running. Were it to somehow continue everyone would reasonably expect more “magic” and continued growth in both stature and outcomes.

In recent weeks, many factors have emerged in the lives of key persons, resulting in tough choices having to be made. Choices which would hugely increase the time and energy required to continue moving forward with Old West in 2017. Factors involve the pending or actual relocation of three key families out of the local area, new career positions, as well as health and family considerations. This difficult decision was made by our board of directors meeting last night, October 5, 2016.

If you already made reservations at Stagecoach Trails campground, PLEASE REMEMBER TO CANCEL THEM... PHONE 760-765-2197

Thanks for your interest in Old West... we will miss the excitement and fun of bringing to you a memorable race... and sincerely wish that all the paths you ever set out upon, be always Happy Trails. Geezer Larry & Big Matt

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