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Yep - 108K


Registration is open online through June 13th (or until we fill up).

RONR 2015

***108K***Course changes make the race 108K; the new (and final) course takes you now from Bayhorse, up and over two significant peaks on a ridge line- Keystone Mtn and Ramshorn Mtn, on 4 wheeler trails. It also takes you up a new single track drainage, Joliette Cr. The Custer Motorway dirt road as well as most of the Bayhorse Road section have been taken out. After leaving Squaw Creek, you'll take a right in the big meadow four miles out - and now take a single track all the way to Buster Lake. The finish still includes 5 miles of broken pavement coming down Garden Creek, but we give you a little reprieve now with a short detour on a dirt road for about 800 yards to a last chance water stop.
Currently there are no plans to alter the 25K and 50K courses.

See you in Challis, the heart of Idaho!

Run Fast –Everything Else in the Mountains Does !

With a start and finish in Challis, Idaho, the River of No Return (RONR) Endurance Runs offer runners a unique opportunity to experience Idaho’s beauty.

Choose between distances of 25k, 50k, or 108k, where you’ll be challenged by varying terrain and awed by gorgeous scenery.

Designed to be tough and beautiful, the courses tour some big mountain climbs over 9000 feet. Elk, deer, eagles, bears and wolves add to the mystique of the River of No Return, as do the forgotten mines and mining communities, old Idaho traditions – all surrounded by the very supportive community of Challis.

Runners will be treated to a fast finish down Main Street Challis and onto the classic dirt track of the Challis High School.

The course is crew-friendly with multiple aid stations that are support team-accessible without the use of four-wheel drive vehicles.

Race Info

Awards: $6000 in prize money for 2015.
108K: 1st Place Male and Female $1000, 2nd Place Male and Female $500, 3rd Place Male and Female $200
50K: 1st Place Male and Female $500, 2nd Place Male and Female $250, 3rd Place Male and Female $100
25K 1st Place Male and Female $250, 2nd Place Male and Female $125, 3rd Place Male and Female $50
Top 3 Male and Female Age Division and Top 3 Male and Female Masters in all races receive unique custom made awards.

Pacers: Pacers are allowed in the 108K race beginning at Bayhorse Lake (Mile 36.5) to the finish. Pacers are not allowed in the 50K and 25K races.

NEW Start Times for 2015:
108k: 5:00 AM
50k: 6:30 AM
25k: 8:00 AM

The 108k has a finish line cutoff of 2:00 am (21 hours). There will be a 50K cutoff time at Bayhorse (Mile 16) at 12:30pm, 6 hours and the Finish as well for 50K at 6:30pm, 12 hours. Please visit the website for full information on cutoffs.

Age Limits - Minors
Those under 18 years old must get written consent from the race directors. If you feel you are able to run 10 or more miles through the mountains of Idaho and you are under 18, please contact before registering. We will go over your resume and determine if you are capable of safely finishing the race. We may require a parent to stay with you throughout the race if you are very young. Parents...ask first, then proceed. We reserve the right to remove anyone under 18 from the course at any time, if you fail to get approval for your child.



Once taking off from the Park runners cross Main Street - Challis, and onto an ATV trail, all runners will quickly be guided into remote country by mile 2.5 and all races will traverse the initial 9 miles along the same route. Spectators and fans will see runners barrel the final mile down Main Street - Challis before entering the stadium and finishing on the track after a 3/4 lap. Runners are allowed to have crew and fans complete the final run down Main Street to the Finish with them.

108K has about 17,600' elevation gain and 9 aid stations. It is a large, single-loop course that has five significant climbs, cresting 8000', 9000', and 10,000'. The majority of the course is on two-track (meaning ATV width trail), with a few miles of dirt road, about 8 miles of single track trail, and 5 miles of pavement at the finish coming into Challis. Start is 5:00 am, and you have 21 hours to complete the course, with some intermediate cutoffs along the way.

50K has about 7800' elevation gain and 5 aid stations. It has two major climbs that take runners over 8000' and is mostly narrow ATV trail, some dirt road and some pavement that will bring runners to the finish in Challis. It is a large loop, with a 3.5 mile down and back from Keystone Aid Station to the old Ghost Town of Bayhorse, which will allow runners to see crew members and also see where they stand against the field at that point. Start is 6:30 am, and runners have 12 hours to complete the course.

25K has about 3500' elevation gain and 1 aid station. The race is also a large loop that has a large climb early on and a short out and back to the one and only aid station at Birch Creek Saddle near mile 9 before a fast descent to the Finish. The Start is 8:00 am.

Changing Races / Refunds

Full refunds – less $20 – will be given through May 1, 2015.
Between May 1st and June 1st, 50% refund will be given.
No refunds after June 1st, UNLESS there is a waitlist and a waitlist entry is accepted, in which case you will get a 50% refund before registration closes June 14.
No refunds after June 14th.

Registered runners may switch race distances through June 1st by contacting race management. A check must be sent to cover the difference if moving up a distance. There is no refund of the difference if moving down a distance.

Support Crews

RONR highly encourages the use of support crews, especially in the 50K and 108K races. Although we will have fully stocked and top-notch aid stations that will make each runner feel like an 'elite' competitor, we want your family and friends to get to experience some of Idaho's beauty too. Crews will be treated to gorgeous drives along the Salmon River as they make their way to the various aid stations.

Crews in the 50K will be able to support their runners at Bayhorse (Mile 16) and at the Custer Motorway (Mile 25), as well as running with their runners down Main Street Challis and onto the Track. No pacing, though, for 50k runners at any other point along the course.

Crews in the 108K will be able to catch their runners at Bayhorse (16M), Bayhorse Lake (36.5M), Squaw Creek TH (45.6MM), and Custer Motorway (61.7M), as well as running with them down Main Street. 108K runners may pick up a pacer after mile 36.5, Bayhorse Lake.

Crews in the 25K - force your crew to register and run the 25K with you !!!!!

Idaho Trail Ultra Series

This race is part of the Idaho Trail Ultra Series!

Local time: 2:20 PM


Paul Lind
Race Director
Neal Russell
Race Director

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