This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 15, 2014

Race Description

A New Twist on an Old Tale!

Welcome to the Finale for the Tortoise and the Hare Trail Series! This series is the MOST UNIQUE Ultra you will EVER run! We have an exciting race coming to you in the mountain trails of Blue Ridge, GA just a short drive north of Atlanta. The great thing about the sport of running is the camaraderie among runners. In a typical race the faster runner (Hare) arrives long before the middle/back of the pack and the slower runner (Tortoise) arrives as the party is ending. How about a race where everyone finishes (approximately) at the same time?! Introducing…the TORTOISE and the HARE 50K/30K™!

Runners will select a wave start time relative to their ability and that will determine your starting time, with runners starting in hourly waves – Tortoises first! The slower you are, the earlier you begin and the faster you are, the later you begin - with the goal finishing time of 3PM. This will bring everyone to the finish in a small time frame so there will be lots of fellow runners to celebrate your finish! (Of course, the winners will still be those that complete the course in the fastest time.) .

The TORTOISE and the HARE 50K and now 30K will be held on November 14, 2015. There is also an optional dinner the night before. This race has limited capacity so register today to secure your spot!

The Course

This is an intermediate course - the trails offer 5800 (for the 50K) feet of elevation over rocky, technical terrain with sporadic smooth trail. The terrain will vary throughout the course and you will find yourself on one of the most beautiful trails in Georgia.

The course was designed by veteran Ultrarunner Ron Zadroga, also a Blue Ridge local and a once sponsored athlete by New Balance. Ron has completed TWENTY 100 Mile Races, including Western States 100 "8.8 times" (ask him about the .8). He also completed Death Valley Badwater 135 before it was a race. At 74 years old, Ron once again attempted the Leadville 100 in 2014. Ron will be on hand at the Dinner to answer any questions about the course.

Race Details

Our slogan is “Fast or slow…just go!” The beauty of this race is that it welcomes runners of all paces. Race will begin at your selected hourly wave start time, as early as 6 am but no later than 10 am. The goal finishing time is 3 PM, so you will estimate the length of time it will take you to complete the course (for an online calculator go to The unique event that is the Tortoise and the Hare 50K/30K™ will only be successful if all participants choose an honest starting time relative to their ability. During online registration you will select your starting time. The race will be chip timed.

There will be 2 different colored shirts, which will only be revealed at packet pick up (they are different colors), based on whether you are the Tortoise or the Hare. To get the full race experience of the Hares catching the Tortoises at the end we strongly encourage you to wear your “team colors” on race day!

6-8 am waves: Tortoises
9-10 am waves: Hares

Registration Dates and Fees:

Until 10/15: $65

After 10/15: $80

Online registration will close on 11/12/2015.

No race day registration allowed
You MUST sign the waiver to be considered registered

Race Schedule:

Friday, November 13:

5-9 pm: Pre-Race dinner and Packet Pick Up

Saturday, November 14:

First wave begins at 6 am, goal finishing time 3 PM. Awards and post-party at 4 PM.

Rules of the Course:

If you are unable to attend packet pickup at the dinner, you must pick up your bib 1 hr prior to your start time so we can add you to that wave of runners. Those starting at 6 am MUST pick up their bib at packet pick up the night before.

Hydration must be carried by all runners at all times. There will be plenty of fluids at aid stations, but for the safety of all participants we must require this.

Carrying your own nutrition is HIGHLY recommended. Although there will be aid stations we strongly suggest you carry items such as nutrition bars, gels and salt tablets.

Directions for Parking and Course maps are available, check our website for up to date info at


All participants will receive a shirt and a unique finishers medal. Size not guaranteed after 11/1/15. We also have an optional dinner the night before to make it convenient to attend packet pick up, review maps of the course and ask questions of the staff and hang out with fellow runners all at the same location.

Permit Pending

Local time: 1:24 PM


Jeremy McAlister
Race Director
Toni Mcalister
Race Director

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