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With gorgeous views of the Sound, varied terrain (rolling trails, steep stairs, a section or two that might generously be called “flat”), and a festive atmosphere, we think this is a race you (and your family, and friends, and well-behaved, leashed dogs) will just keep coming back to – one 1.93-mile (or .54 mile, if you choose the short loop) lap at a time. Run for twelve hours, run for six. Run as few or as many hours as you like!

Our races are also low-impact: You won’t find any paper products at Cottontail 6 & 12 Hour, and we support local businesses (as much aid as possible will come from the Seattle area). Speaking of aid, we'll have some of the best out there. We'll be partnering with local and like-minded businesses to bring you awesome fuel as your legs run loop after epic loop, and we'll have great prizes to raffle off throughout the day, as well. We also provide re-usable mugs for you to use throughout the day, though if you have a favorite coffee mug, you're of course welcome to bring your own. We'll have awesome local photographers out on the course while you're rocking epic loops, too, and you'll have the ability to purchase gorgeous prints of your ambitious Carkeek endeavors from the talented Glenn Tachiyama, post-event. 2016's event will be SATURDAY, MARCH 26th, 2016. (Easter weekend, but not Easter Sunday.)


Cottontail's run on a clockwise, 1.93-mile loop in Seattle's Carkeek Park, with an additional .54-mile loop open all day long to give you more distance options and keep things fresh. You're welcome to run as few or as many loops as you like, but here's what to expect on each loop: steep stairs, rolling trails, gorgeous vistas, loads of single-track, spring flowers, and lots of up and lots of down. Each loop contains 436' of vertical gain, which adds up QUICKLY, so expect to (have fun, yes!, and) be challenged.


The 6-Hour Run starts at a modest $50, and the 12-Hour at an equally modest $70. Prices first increase January 1st, then again March 1st.

This race, like Carkeek in the fall, is an Endless Trails fundraiser, so any and all funds that don't go to permitting fees or race costs will be donated to our 501(c)3 non-profit to support trail work, trail education, and trail advocacy. We'll be accepting cash and check donations on the day of the event, too, and you'll also have the option to make an additional donation to Endless Trails as you're registering. Every little bit helps, and all of it goes back to local, Washington State trails. Thanks for your support!


Start & finish beside Puget Sound, in Carkeek Park.

For the 12-Hour Run, gates to the park open at 6 am, check-in starts at 6:30 AM and the run begins at 7 AM. For the 6-Hour Run, check-in starts at 12:30 PM and the run begins at 1 PM. (6-hour runners can also elect to start at 7 AM with the 12-hour folks; just let us know if you plan to take that option!) For both races, expect pre-race announcements just a few minutes before the start. Both races finish at 7 PM - any laps finished after that time will not be counted toward your day's total. [By late March, we'll have longer days to work with, so you shouldn't need headlamps for any portion of the run unless you want it for the first or last laps of the day.] We're capping registration right around 50 runners, total, and as we'll likely get to that number well before race-day, we won't be doing day-of registration for 2016. We want this low-key event to stay small, intimate, and feel like a family gathering.


Check the Cottontail race page - - to see if it might already be answered there. If it's not, feel free to shoot us an email at allthetrails[at]gmail[dot]com.

Hope to see you in March!

Local time: 1:08 PM


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