Saturday, Jun 21, 2014
This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 21, 2014


Experience one super scenic 50+ mile loop from Frisco, CO, over the 10 Mile Range of the Rocky Mountains, crossing the town of Breckenridge, CO, through the historical mining trails and around the remote backcountry of Breckenridge. Expect summit views at sun up, high elevation exposure, wildlife, and lots of time in the trees. 95% single track, 4% double track, 1% road.

Have the run of a lifetime. Celebration. Bonfires. Dancing. Afterparty and runner campout and cookout.


This is not a race. There is no timing or numbers, unless you are keeping your own time or wearing your lucky number. This is a group run and celebration in honor of the solstice for the running community.

Day of the run-

We will be meeting at Peaks TH in Frisco, CO. In lieu of summer solstice we will be starting at 4:45 am. Arrive early, get to know other runners and settle into the elements of this ancient celebration.

The way this works-

There will be two waves of runners. Slower people will start first and faster people 45 minutes later. This is to alleviate major time gaps in finishing. All the better to be able to hangout post run.

Plan on using drop bags. This is a self-supported run. There will be 4 locations on course where you should plan to have a stash of nutrition, fluids, layers, and other odds and ends you think you might need. Volunteers will ensure that drop bags are available in designated locations on course.

Drop Bag Locations:

Mile 18- Carter Park
Mile 24- Humbug Hill Rd.
Mile 33- North Fork Swan Rd.
Mile 45- Revette Dr.

Check Course Information for more details.

Course Information

The map link on UltraSignup is experiencing technical issues. Course Map can be accessed from the website and there is a .jpg of the map above with other photos. Sorry for the inconvenience.

A map will be mandatory for all participants. This is for your safety.

Maps will be available at the start June 21st, or can be picked up at Vertical Runner Breckenridge, 301 N. Main St., Breckenridge, CO, June 20th between 10AM-6PM. The course will be marked in some questionable locations but do not depend on it. Also, there will be a few course marshals out on course as well, but do not depend on it.

Day of the Solstice

June 21st, 2014 the summer solstice will occur at 4:51 AM, MDT.

Sunrise is expected at 5:37 AM
Sunset is expected at 8:35 PM
Solar noon will occur at 1:06 PM
We will have 14 hours, 57 minutes, and 35 seconds of daylight on this, the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

Post run there will be an after-party with raffle, cookout, bonfire and a dispersed camping area set aside for our community of runners. Logistics are TBD.


Some running etiquette goes without question.

Foremost- if you come across someone injured, help them. If that means only making a phone call, awesome. Otherwise, help them to safety and notify someone. You will be given a map. On the map you will find an emergency cell phone number that will be available for contact during the run.

Trail Use Etiquette- in passing on a trail, pass on the left and remember that downhill yields to uphill, cyclists yield to runners and everyone yields to equestrians.

And please Pack It In, Pack It Out.

Also, there are two main street crossings. Please watch for traffic.


Registration is Free.

A suggested donation of $20 is appreciated upon event start. 100% of donations go to Keep Youth Outward Bound, a scholarship fund to support outdoor education for disadvantaged youth.

Local time: 4:00 AM


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