Saturday, Mar 29, 2014 @ 7:30 PM
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Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Brewvies - 677 South 200 West- Salt lake City, UT
Family man and ultrarunner, Scott Jaime, is preparing for the most difficult challenge of his
life. His goal is to run the entire 486-mile Colorado Trail, across and over
the rugged alpine terrain of the Rocky Mountains, to set a new FKT (fastest
known time). The actual reward, however, is far greater.

The physical requirements of the Colorado Trail are daunting. Scott must run at
an average elevation of 10,300’ while averaging 60 miles and 22,000’ of
elevation change per day for 8+ days on very little sleep through the toughest
mountain range in the United States. There are low points - an upset stomach, a
wrong turn, a lightning storm - but Scott’s mental performance is truly
remarkable. He never falters, never complains and instead buckles down and presses

It is this composure that is most impressive. A true example for his sons. A
father, husband and co-worker balancing it all with the experience to see the
bigger picture through any obstacle. When the journey reaches its toughest
point and Scott questions the outcome he digs deeper to push his limits. By
trusting the support crew around him and leaving his comfort zone he sets an
example for his sons to do the same - to become something greater than

A new FKT is set and Scott achieves his goal in 8 days 7 hours 40 minutes 17
seconds. However, the real lesson lies not in the achievement of a goal but in
the journey. A loving family, a stressful job and the will to test his limits
balances Scott and leads to true success on the most demanding of challenges.

Discussion with filmmaker and Scott Jaime after

Local time: 4:10 PM


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