This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 21, 2014

Description of the Event

The 777 Inferno Stage Race will consist of 3 races at 3 different locations near Alexandria, LA. As you see in the event name there are 7's. These 7's describe the times that you will have to start each stage: 7AM, 7PM, 7AM (beginning June 21st).

-The first race is at 7AM June 21st on the Lakeshore Trail, Kincaid Lake, of the Kisatchie National Forest, just west of Alexandria, LA -25.4 Mi
-The second race is at 7PM June 21st on the Caroline Dormon Trail, 40 minutes north of the first race -22 Mi
-The third race is at 7AM June 22nd on the Wild Azalea Trail, just south of the first race site -26.2 miles

Scoring/ Placing
The places that the runners/ teams will come in will be calculated by the addition of ALL 3, or 2 (based on category) times (the time you finish at each location).

Solo- Run all 3 Locations

Pick 2- Run 2 Locations (your choice)

Relay- 3 Person Relay (1 must be female)

*3 Person Relay Team: 1st team member runs first location, 2nd team member runs Second location, & 3rd team member runs the third location.

Solo- Top 3 Male & Female Overall fastest combined times

*Finishers UNDER TOTAL time of 18hrs of all 3 races get an 777 Inferno Logo Patagonia Houdini Jacket

Pick 2- Top 3 Male & Female Overall

Relay 3 person (1 must be female)- Top 3 Overall

Local time: 5:24 PM


Jeff Beck
Race Director

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