This Event Took Place Sun. Mar 1, 2015


Supporting the Raramuri and their Tradition of Running!
We understand at first sight that our registration price seems high for a 50 miler. However, the race is set up for the Raramuri to run free of charge and to receive up to $150 each in vales (vouchers) that can be redeemed for corn and food. These additional costs are covered with race entry and Norawas donations. - For your race entry, each of you is sponsoring 3 Raramuri to run!
Josue & Maria | Race RD's
**NOTA: Tenemos muy buenos descuentos de inscripcion disponibles para los residentes de México y de América Latina. Por favor, póngase en contacto con info(@) para más información

Included With Registration

-Pre-Race Gathering/Meal
-Cool Race Shirt
-Food, Electrolytes, Water, Snacks at Aid Stations
-Organized Hikes of Course the days before the Race
-Organized Cultural Activities before the Race
-Finisher's Medallion
-Medical & Logistical Support during event
-Cena antes del Evento
-Playera del Evento
-Alimentos, Electrolitos, Agua y Comida en los Puestos de Ayuda
-Caminatas organizadas de la ruta varios dias antes de la Carrera
-Organiza actividades culturales antes de la carrera
- Medallas para Finalistas
- Apoyo Logístico y Médico durante el evento

Cup-Free Statement

“I understand that this is a Cup-Free race and that no cups will be provided during the race. I will bring my own refillable beverage container if I want to consume the beverages provided at the aid stations.”
"Entiendo que esto es un evento VERDE (con conciencia ecológica) y que tazas NO se proporcionarán durante la carrera. Voy a llevar mi propio envase de bebida rellenable si quiero consumir las bebidas en los puestos de ayuda. "

Local time: 8:42 AM


Josue Stephens
Race Director
Maria Walton

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