Saturday, Nov 29, 2014

Solemates' Thanksgiving Tryptophun Rhuns

Waddell , AZ 100 Miler, 24hrs, 12hrs, 6hrs

Registration closes: Fri, Nov 28 @ 12:00AM


Tryptophan is known as the item in turkey that makes you tired and end up on the couch after your Thanksgiving Dinner....

Tryptophun is the fun had when attending Solemates' Thankgiving Events!

Solemates'.... We turn Tryptophan into Tryptophun!!!


All runners will have their choice of running on 1 of 3 Courses - Once you make your selection at registration - all of your loops must be completed on that loop.
The Wild Turkey Loop - not for the faint of heart.... this tough 7.03 mile loop has some extremely technical portions and a climb that will make you cry.... especially on your 15th time. So I know you are figuring the math and yes I realize that 15 loops equals 105.45 miles but we want to give you your money's worth... so enjoy the Free 5 miles! The 7.03 mile loop can be seen on the course map - it is the trail that follows the outer edges of the entire loop - including the extremely technical 1.07 mile loop and the upper 1.51 mile loop (plus 1/10 of a mile in the parking lot area). Decide wisely when you sign up because no drop downs to the smaller loop will be allowed at anytime during the race. In addition, other than the main aid station at the start/finish line, there will one other manned mini-aid station at mile 2.65 of the loop to provide you with more drinks and few small snacks (not a full aid station).

The Little Gobbler course is an easier 6.45 mile loop that does not do the 1.07 mile technical section of the course. Don't get me wrong, because this loop will still challenge you and make you want to cry, especially on your 16th loop (total of 103.20 miles - FREE 5K!!!!), Just like the Wild Turkey loop, the runners will pass by the mini-aid station at 2.07 miles into the loop. Again, the main aid station at the start/finish line will be your only source of full menu/food options on the course (other than what you carry with you).

The Wishbone Loop - This loop was added to the course so that every runner, no matter their speed or ability would have a legitimate chance to reach their goals or to get a 100 mile buckle within the allotted time limit. This course is 4.27 miles in length and does not include the extreme technical loop or the hill climb, but in order to get the 100 mile buckle you must complete 24 loops (102.48 total miles).
All runners finishing either 100 miles in 24 hours or less or finishing the 100 mile race will receive a very unique belt buckle!

ALL 100 mile races will have a strict 32 hour cutoff.

NO Pacers are allowed for the runners in the 6/12/24 hr events. However pacers will be allowed for the 100 mile runners but only after 8pm. Addiitonally, for the 100 mile runners.. Only one pacer at a time and they must check in at the timing station for a bib and to sign off on a waiver.

Headlamps are required after 5pm.

6 hr and 12 hr race start times

There will be 3 6 hour race start times available to choose from - 7 am on either day (Nov. 29th and 30th) and 2pm on November 29th

There will be 2 12 hour race start times available to choose from - 7 am on November 29th or 8pm on November 29th.

The 24 hour was and the 100 miler will both begin at 7 am on November 29th.

Awards and BBQ

After the horn sounds at 3pm on November 30th an awards presentation and bbq will be held at the finish line tent area. Both the top male and female winners of each individual race (each 6 hr race per course, each 12hr race per course, the 24hr races per course and the 100 mile races per course) will be given a small award and the Overall Male and Female race winners of the combined races (overall 6 hr winner, overall 12 hr winner, overall 24hr winner and overall 100 mile winner) will receive a larger award and a Certificate for a FREE pair of xracewear bib shorts!!!!!
We will also out a "Heart and Sole" award to the runner (nominated by you, the other runners) that showed the most Heart out on the course! This person will have either helped you or another runner in some way or that runner just inspired the hell out of you!
Finally we will give out the prestigious "Solemates Turkey Baster" Award... this will go to the runner that Sharill and I think gave it their Baste!


Woot woot woot!!! Special announcement!!! The Solemates Tryptophun Rhun menu has been finalized and is as follows (note... We will have regular and vegan/vegetarian options for each meal)

Saturday November 29th
Breakfast - 7-9am breakfast muffins and snacks

Lunch - 11-1pm wraps/buns (chicken salad, egg salad and chickpea salad)

Supper 5-7pm thanksgiving feast

Overnight - soup - pumpkin or squash soup and my super awesome creamy vegan potato soup

Sunday November 30th

Breakfast 6-8am pumpkin and regular pancakes with sides of sausage, bacon and eggs

Lunch 11-1pm thanksgiving pizza, vegan pizza and cheese pizza

3pm - BBQ burgers, dogs, salads and leftovers

We might just add in a few surprises and holiday treats as well!

Fun Runs....

October 18th - November 8th and November 9th
We will hike both the Wild Turkey (7am) and the Wishbone Loops (9am). The Little Gobbler Loops is just the Wild Turkey loop without the technical portion... so you will get to see that whole loop too!

We will meet at the Competitive Loop Trailhead/Parking lot

Sharill and I will bring some water and Tailwind and some snacks.

Dont forget that there is a $6 park entry fee (we are covering this for the runners on race day only)

Park Enterance Fee

Normally there is a $6 park entry fee for each vehicle entering the park.... Solemates' will be picking up this cost for all runners entered into one of the races. A runner's vehicle parking pass will be issued to all entrants.

Donation of a portion of the race proceeds

For this race we will be donating a portion of the proceeds to two different places/foundations.

The first group that we chose is "Norawas de Raramuri" in honor of my brother and friend Caballo Blanco. Information on the group can be found at

The second group that we chose is the White Tanks Regional Park in honor of my brother and friend John Greer.


Would you like to volunteer at this event and earn race credits towards a future solemates event or for a spouse, family member or friend? Please check out our facebook page or contact the RD.


Tailwind Nutrition


Trail marking

We will be trail marking on Wednesday, November 26th for anyone that wants to come help out. 3-9pm

Please email me at if you can make it out.

Race changes during the race

Race changes during the race will not be allowed. If you signed up for the 6hr and want to run in the 12hr... let us know before the race... this accounts for all races, times and loops. Once the race starts.... no bump ups or drop downs. will be allowed for official result recording purposes.

Packet pickups

Special announcement for the Solemates Tryptophun Rhun!! In addition to the day of and night before the race packet pickups at the White Tanks Regional Park, we will be having a special early packet pickup on Monday, November 24th at Tortoise & Hare Sports from 4:30-7:30pm. The address is 17570 N. 75th Ave Suite 605 Glendale, AZ 85308 (same parking lot as total wine).


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