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Battle for Black Rock 12 n 36 mile from Run Bum Tours on Vimeo.



Saturday December 3rd , 2016


Black Rock Mountain State Park

Mountain City, Ga


A scenic single loop 12 ish mile race that you run 1,2 or 3 times. The race uses 90% of the trails within the park.

The park is insanely beautiful. Run Bum himself helps maintain the trails.


The Battle for Black Rock 12 mile /24 mile/ 36 mile race is one of THE MOST SCENIC races in the country. It is a one of a kind race. The races are held at Black Rock Mountain State Park in Rabun County, Ga. They are held once the park closes for the winter. We have the ENTIRE park to ourselves!!! The leaves are down the views are insanely beautiful and there is lots of up and down. Some waterfalls, some overlooks, lots of technical sections and a heck of a lot of fun!!!

12 miler:
The race 12 mile race uses the map shown in the photos we provided. It runs 90% of the trails within the park. There is Approx 4,500 ft of elevation change on the 12 mile. 95% single track trail!!! Technical scenic trail! James Edmonds Trail, Tennessee Rock Trail, Lake Trail and some road on the ridge which will BLOW YOUR MIND!

The 36 mile race is 3 loops. It runs an extra section down and back to a camp ground on each loop which is different than the 12 miler. Then you run what the 12 milers run. Again beautiful does not do this justice. This race is tough as well but all the views make it worth it. The course is approx 90% single track The course has approximately 12,000 ft of elevation change but it is very rocky and technical. />The 12 miler will start at 8 am
The 24/ 36 miler will start at 6 am
You have 10 hours to finish the 24/36 miler

Runners will and a high five or hug (to be decided by the RD) this is a NO FRILLS RACE that helps give money to the park and maintain the trails.


Race in part benefits the park!!! SO SIGN UP ASAP! for more info

No awards no shirt.

We will have light food at the finish.

Local time: 1:35 PM


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Sean Blanton
Race Director

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