3 day

Your event will start at 9am on May 7th and end at 9am on May 10th

48 hr

Your event will start on May 8th at 9am and end on May 10th at 9am.


Your race will start on May 9th at 9am and end on May 10th at 9am.

100 Miler

Your race will start on May 9th at 6am and you will be given until Noon on May 10th to finish (30 hr cutoff)

50 Miler and 50k

Both races will start at 9am on May 9th and you will be allowed to continue until Noon on May 10th (27hr cutoff)


All races with take place on the USTFA Certified 1 mile loop at the ReUnion Camp and Juniperwood Ranch Winery in Ash Fork, Arizona.

Further details and descriptions to come.

SWAG and Awards

We will have 100 mile buckles for anyone completing the 100 miler or getting 100 miles in the 24hr, 48hr and/or 72hr event.
In addition we will have 200 mile buckles for anyone completing 200 miles in either the 48hr or 72hr events.
The male and female winner of each race will receive a unique award.

details in regard to SWAG (good bag items) will be added here shortly.


A full menu will be added at a later date. Of note, Breakfast, Lunch, Supper and overnight food (soups) will be made available to all runners in addition to the regularly supplied aid station goodies.

ReUnion Camp and Juniperwood Ranch Winery information

ReUnion Camp is a remote, rustic gathering place. It is a place for family and friends to meet, play softball, volleyball, horseshoes, and basketball while enjoying nature.

Located just outside of Ash Fork, Arizona, ReUnion Camp also contains several USATF certified running trails varying in length from 400 meters up to a one mile trail.

Juniperwood Ranch Winery specialized in the harvesting and fermentation of non-typical varieties of wines in the early 1900's. The harvesting of the local native agriculture led to the creations of Prickly Pear Wine, Pumpkin wine, various meads and the plentiful, locally harvested berries for Juniper Wine.

The native agriculture on-site is what produced the flavors for these unique wines.

Awards and BBQ

A BBQ will be held after the completion of the 100 mile, 50 mile and 50k races at Noon on May 10th. All of the awards and buckles will be presented to the runners at this time.

Sleeping arrangements

We will have a big tent set up specifically for the 3 day and 2 day runners with cots and sleeping bags, and then a smaller tent set up for another else... (these will be available on an as needed and first come, first served basis). Additionally, runners may rent their own tent from us for use during the race.

NO pets allowed.


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