August 22 - 24, 2014

The Cumberland Plateau Stage Race

3598 S York Hwy

Jamestown, TN Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage Race Total

This Event Took Place Fri. Aug 22, 2014

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2017 Updates

* New pricing and meal layout! This will make it easier to choose what you want.


The Cumberland Plateau Stage Race is a three-day stage race that provides runners and guest with amazing food, guest speakers, hard running, trail clinics, lots of activities, craft beer, and dance parties. Each day holds a different distance at the beautiful East Fork Stables, which is a stone’s throw from Big South Fork State Park. While the main focus of this event is trail running, Hardwin Adventures, with the help of some great sponsors, is also putting together a host of fun activities during the day for participants and their guests.

Depending on your package you could receive:

• Finisher Award
* Camping –Clean Showers – Water - Electricity
• 4 meals – Friday night dinner, Saturday lunch, Saturday night dinner, Sunday lunch
• Beer – Served during dinner hours
• Access to camping for three nights
• 3 days of incredible running
• Awards for top finishers
• Whatever other cool swag we can get our hands on!
• Trail clinics for training
• Guest speakers

Cutoff Times - We don't really have cutoff times as we are at this location all weekend and have the place to ourselves. However if it is getting late (like really late) in the day then we will find you and check to see if you want to continue. So far this has never happened.

Location and Time

Date Aug 25-27, 2017- Central Standard Time

Location -3598 S. York Hwy. Jamestown, TN 38556

Distances Several options please see below

o Day one - White 13 miles – Starts at 3:00 pm CST
o Day two - Pink 20ish miles – Starts at 7:00 am CST o Day three - Yellow 17 miles – Starts at 8:00 am CST


Solo- $140
Team - $380
• Three days of running on well marked trail
* 50 miles of trail
• All aid stations
• Finisher Awards
* Awards ceremony
• Beer
* Guest speaker
* Clean showers and bathrooms
* Free wifi

Sat Only 20 miler:
• First place per gender with awards. Others will be recognized.
* 20 miles of trail
• All aid stations
• Finisher Award
• Beer
* Guest speaker
* Clean showers and bathrooms
* Free wifi


Guest that are camping out and using the facilities need to pay $10 user fee. If you are there just for a day then I would not worry about payment. If you want your family member to have a meal then please buy them meal tickets when checking out.


If you have already checked out and forgot to purchase a few things below is a link to meal tickets, shirts, and guest passes:



Common Questions

1. Are there places to stay besides camping? Yes! The East Fork Stables website offers several cabins to rent. I would recommend the Bird houses because they are simple, and have AC.

2. Is there a cutoff time - Yes and no. We cannot have our aids out on the trail all day however this whole event is on private property. If it is getting dark out we will come find you and evaluate together if you can finish.

3. What would cause you to cancel the event? Lightning would cause me to postpone the event as we are on a plateau. If that were to happen we reserve the right edit the race to what works best.

4. Are there any restaurants near by? Yes there are restaurants in nearby Jamestown. You can view them online.

5. Do people run hike this event? Yes.I would say the vast majority as it is very hard terrain

6. Will my family be entertained? There are tons of hiking trails and MTB trails to play on. There are also several water holes to go swim in.

7. Do I need to but a meal ticket for my family members or friends Yes please. We don't want to police the food as this is a very chill environment. For every person eating at East Fork Stables please buy them meal tickets.

Local time: 1:12 AM


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