Race Details

This race will be held on the Prescott Circle Trail 54 mile loop and will be held on April 9th-12th, 2015.

The 200 Mile race (216 miles) - this race will start on Thursday, April 9th, 2015 at 6 am and will have an 80 hour cutoff.Pacers will be allowed after 3 loops have been completed.

The 150 Mile race (162 miles) - this race will start on Thursday, April 9th at 10 am and will have a 76 hour cutoff. Pacers will be allowed after 2 loops have been completed.

The 100 Mile race (108 miles) - this race will start on Friday, April 10th at 10 am and will have a 52 hour cutoff. No pacers will be allowed.

The 50 Mile race (54 miles) - this race will start on Saturday, April 11th at 10 am and will have a 28 hour cutoff. No pacers will be allowed.

54 mile loop details

Each loop along the brand new Prescott Circle Trail will consist of 3 main aid stations and 6 mini aid stations along the way. Each of the main aid stations will be held at a campground (as seen on the profile map photo) and will allow full crew access for the runners. In addition hot meals will be served at these main aid stations for the runners and normal mini aid station drinks/snacks and hot drinks/soups will be served at the mini aid stations throughout the race. One other feature of the 3 main aid stations will be heating tents with cots for the runners to take a break if/when needed.

Trail turn by turn route and aid station listing

Trail Route –

Start – Main Aid Station #1 – Watson Lake Campground

•Take Watson Lake Trail to US89 Pedestrian Crossing

•Run along Willow Lake Road to Trailhead

•Run on Willow Lake trail to the NEW Embry-Riddle Trail

•Run on the E-R Trail to the Pioneer Park Trail head (just passed the underpass) – Mini Aid station #1

•Take single track trail up hill to the Legacy Trail

•Run on Legacy Trail to the Longview Trail

•Run on Longview Trail to Williamson Valley Road (corner of WV Road and Pioneer Parkway) – Mini Aid Station #2

•Run on Williamson Valley Road south to Yampa Road

•Turn right on Yampa and run to Hozoni Road

•Turn left on Hozoni and run to Katahn Road

•Turn right on Katahn and run to Hokaygan Trail head (trail #347 – Willow Trail)

•Run on Trail #347 to Trail # 341 Hokaygan trail

•Run on #341 to where it rejoins with trail #347

•Run to Trail #346 (Willow Connector) and go north for .3 miles to the Cayuse Trailhead (Main Aid #2)

•Run on Trail #346 south for .3 miles and then turn right onto Trail #332

•Run on Trail #332 south to Granite Basin Road and turn left

•Run on Granite Basin Road (approximately 2 miles) to Iron Springs Road turn left

•Run on Iron Springs Road (.2 miles) and turn right onto Hereford Drive.

•Run on Hereford Drive to West Pine Lakes Drive – turn Left

•Run on West Pine Lakes Drive to Windy Walk Lane – turn left

•Run on Windy Walk Lane to its end at the start of Trail #317

•Run on Trail #317 to Trail #316 – turn left

•Run south on Trail #316 to Trail #318 – merge onto Trail #318 going south west

•Run on Trail #318 to Trail #332 – continue across Trail #332 on Trail #318 for .7 miles - Mini Aid Station #3

•Run on Trail #318 north to Trail #332 and turn right (you are now back on the Prescott Circle Trail)

•Run on Trail #332 south to Thumb Butte Road

•Cross over Thumb Butte Road and run to Trail #392 (Garden Grove)

•Run to Trail #322 (Circle Connector)

•Run to Trail #327 (Potts Creek – aka Old Forest Service Road 51A)

•Run to Trail #393 (Cold Springs) to Copper Basin Road (Mini Aid #4 – Aspen Creek Trailhead)

•Run to Trail #48 (aspen Creek)

•Run to Road FR9401L (converted to Trail #48)

•Run to Trail #9415 (Wolverton Mountain)

•Run to White Spar Road – cross over to reach the TH and parking on the far side of the road (just across the bridge over Granite Creek)

•From WSR T.H. run on Trail 396 (Goldwater Lakes) for 4.7 miles to Senator Highway (Goldwater Trail Head) – Main Aid #3

•Exit Aid station and run on Trail #62 (Ranch Trail) for approximately 8 miles to Walker Road Trail Head (Mini Aid #5)

•Run to Liese Road – turn left

•Run to Ranch Drive – turn right

•Run to San Francisco Road – turn left

•Run to Gateway Blvd – turn right

•Run to Hwy 69 – turn left

•Run alongside the road to the guard rail and drop down into the gully and continue west to the underpass and Sundog Trail Head

•Run on Sundog Trail to Peavine Trail Head (Mini Aid #6)

•Run on Peavine Trail to Lower Granite Creek Discovery Trial

•Run on GCD Trail to Watson Lake Trail

•Run on Watson Lake Trail back into the Start/Finish Line area

buckles and SWAG

There will be 4 distinct buckles given out for the respective race distances and tons of goodies!!!! Finisher's Jackets will also be awarded to the runners!
More details to come!!!!


Race product sponsors include.... Tailwind, Perfect Bars, and xRacewear



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