Registration closes: Wed, Aug 5 @ 11:59PM


This event is a foot race held in The Badlands of North Dakota along the Maah Daah Hey Trail. This event covers multiple distances from 10k to 50 miles and is open to runners and walkers. Participants should plan on carrying a hydration pack or handheld water bottle while out on the course. Eagle Endurance, LLC will provide you with 2 aid stations along the way. Drop bags are allowed for 50 mile runners and will be transported to any aid station along the route.
Participants will run along the Maah Daah Hey Trail from Wannagan Campground to Road 725 (8 miles) and back to Wannagan Campground. 50k participants will repeat this 4 times and 50 mile participants, 6 times followed with a 1.25 mile run SOUTH of Wannagan Campground. There will be two aid stations along the course followed by the main aid station at Wannagan Campground.
I will provide you with electrolyte replacement tablets, water and gels along with typical ultra event food. Please feel free to bring whatever you would like to supplement food items.
Average daytime temperatures for August are around 84°F (27°C), with typical overnight lows around 59°F (8°C). Participants will encounter a large variety of terrain over the trail including hard packed clay, soft clay, rocky ground and slopes. If there is a risk of inclement weather conditions; the organizers reserve the right to modify the route and length of the route in order to ensure the safety of the participants. Participants must supply their own containers for receiving water.
The Badlands takes place in one of the world's most beautiful and preserved regions in the United States of America. Littering will not be tolerated along the Maah Daah Hey Trail or at the campsite. This will result in immediate disqualification. Sufficient waste bins will be provided at aid stations.
The Badlands takes place on the Maah Daah Hey Trail. This event operates under a special use permit through the Little Missouri National Grasslands. All participants are expected to stay on the trail at all times and adhere to the rules that are established for the event. Destroying plants along the route will not be tolerated. Do not harass the wildlife. Failure to follow the rules will subject you to immediate disqualification. Do not light any fires along the route. If you need to relieve yourself along the route, please bury all human waste at least 150 feet from the trail. There are restroom facilities at Wannagan campground. These are the only facilities that will be available.

Local time: 2:18 AM


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