Saturday, Feb 28, 2015

Razorback Endurance Race

1940 E San Martin ave San Martin ca

San Martin, CA 125 Miler, 100 Miler, 100K, 50 Miler, 72hrs, 50K, 48hrs, 24hrs

This Event Took Place Sat. Feb 28, 2015

Razorback course/aid station description

5th Annual Razorback Endurance Race! Please visit for more information. This website also has a link to the facebook page for current updates.
There are 2 courses being offered. The traditional 2 mile paved version, and the new "Razorback Relentless" which is a 4.75 mile lollipop loop that is on gorgeous trails behind the aid station. Both courses start and end at the same aid station. Once you start your race you will NOT be allowed to switch courses unless the RD has allowed all runners to do so (bad weather, unsafe conditions etc).

You can view details on the different courses at

There will be one main aid station at the start/finish area with the typical sweet and salty snacks as well as water and sports drink. Lunch will be added to the main aid station around noon and warm pizza will be delivered between 5-6pm to fuel our hungry runners. Warm soup will be served throughout the night and breakfast will be offered on Sunday morning. We take pride in the food that we prepare at Razorback. We strive to prepare as many meals that are 100% natural without artificial colors, flavors or GMO's. We prepare homemade meals and snacks thoughout the event that cater to endurance athletes. You can expect warm, freshly prepared food throughout the event. If you are a Vegan or Vegetarian athlete, we got you covered! We prepare Vegan and Vegetarian Options thoughout the event as well.

Runners (before or after their race) and family members are welcome to bring their tents to camp during and after their event and set up their own aid stations. We really want to welcome runners and family members to stay and hang out and join in on the fun.

Race Information:

Please join us on Earth Day April 22-23rd 2017 for our 5th Year of Razorback-- Hippie themed.
Same distances offered as last year
6 hour- (3 options... 6am start saturday, 6pm start Saturday, 6am start Sunday (or you can do back to back days)
12 Hour
24 Hour
100 miles
Please visit for important detailed race information.

Local time: 7:04 AM


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