Registration closes: Mon, Jun 1 @ 12:00 AM

About The Race

The Race Against The Sun is back for year two and there are some devious surprises in store for this year's runners. Last year we had four finishers, this year we are increasing the field to 50 runners, but I expect less will finish. We are excited to be working closely in conjunction with Ruffner Mountain this year. Half of your entry fee will be donated to the park.

In order to register this year you have to have finished at least a 50k trail race in the last year. This is not a race for beginners.This will likely be one of the toughest races to finish. Since June 21st is the Summer Solstice we will celebrate with a night race on the shortest night of the year. It will be hot, rugged, dark and challenging. The course will consist of four 9ish mile loops around Ruffner Mountain in Birmingham, AL. It may be 36 miles, it could be as much as 40 miles. The race will begin as soon as the sun sets at 8:01pm on Saturday June 20th. You will have until sunrise the next morning (5:38am) to complete the course. This event will not have elaborate aid stations, it is designed to be minimal and to really test the toughness of a runner. There will be one aid station midway through the 9 mile loop and it will contain at least water. The trails and terrain at Ruffner Mountain are difficult and challenging.

In addition to the $30 entry fee runners must bring a bomber of beer for the post race pancake, bacon and beer breakfast.

The Course

The course will be the most difficult and challenging terrain at Ruffner Mountain. A course map will be available when you show up on race day. Be prepared for some of the course to be on trails that are not on the Ruffner Mountain trail map, or questionably even trails at all. Each loop will be somewhere between 9-10 miles. There will be points throughout the course where you will be asked to prove you were there and bring back evidence to the start. This could range from tearing out pages from a book to bringing back a colored rock to taking a selfie with the homeless man in the quarry. You will get these instructions at the beginning of every loop.

Aid Stations

There will be an aid station at the start and finish of each loop. It will have typical aid station amenities. This will include, water, Gatorade, sweet and salty food, Vaseline. There will be a pancake, bacon and beer breakfast that will start around 2:30am. If you eat a pancake, bacon, or beer you are out of the race. There will be an unmanned aid station on the course loop somewhere around halfway. This will have water and possibly some food if I can find anything in my pantry. Keep in mind the more food left out, the more likely you will have to fight the coyotes for it.

Wait list and Refunds

For those foolish enough, we will have a wait list for the event. For those smart enough to reconsider running the race, we will allow you to drop out. We will offer a refund but only after you are assessed a $30 cancellation fee.

Pacers and Drop Bags

Pacers are not allowed. If you need a pacer, catch the runner in front of you. Drop bags will be held at the start/finish line. Items that you may want to bring include but are not limited to: socks, shoes, headlamp batteries, salt pills, machete, towels, coyote repellent, bandages, teddy bear and lubricant.

Local time: 1:52 PM


Kyle Stichtenoth
Race Director

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