Saturday, Nov 5, 2016 @ 8:00 AM

BART Howl-Weenie & 1/2 Weenie

156 Gould Road

Adams, MA Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 8hrs, 5K

This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 5, 2016

Event Description

An end of season fun run for BART XC Members and their friends/family. Third Annual "Howl-Weenie & 1/2 a Weenie" Finish the season the right way and run off some of the Halloween candy!

DATE: Saturday, November 3, 2018

EVENT TIME: 8:00am

LOCATION: Start at Greylock Glen Pavilion, off of Gould Road in Adams. To get to parking area, google "Jaeschke's Orchard, Gould Road, Adams, MA". When you turn onto Gould Road, proceed .5 miles up and hang a left. Drive another .5 miles down to parking area on the right (by the bridge). [156 Gould Road, Adams, MA is a good GPS location to type in].

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Run on the BART cross country home course. 547' elevation gain per 5k. Start and end each loop at the pavilion, then follow the Gould Trail up along Pecks Brook to the high point on the course. Mile markers labeled. Marked with orange flags and blazes. All while in the shadow of the mighty Mount Greylock.

1/2 Marathon ("1/2 a Weenie"): 4 full 5k course laps + beginning and ending baby loop (2200' elevation gain, 2200' elevation loss)
Marathon ("Full Weenie"): 8 full 5k course laps + 3 baby loops (4300' elevation gain, 4300' elevation loss)
5k ("Cocktail Weenie"): 1 full 5k course lap
8-Hour Ultra ("Ultra Weenie"): As many full laps as possible in 8 hours +.3 mile baby loop.

COST/AID STATION: This is a "Fat Ass" styled event. There is a modest registration cost, to go towards race awards and water/supplies. Every participant is required to bring something for the aid station to share - vegan friendly snacks preferred. We will provide a 5 gallon container of water to refill bottles. Maybe some electrolytes. Anything else, plan to bring yourself! We will use a table by the course for aid station drop off.

TIMING: We will start together at 8am. If you show up late, you will be on your own, but wait a few minutes and you'll see one of us. Timing is pretty laid back. We will have a spreadsheet for race morning. Find your name and record each lap as you come through. It is on the honor system. No partial laps count. Run ends at 4:00 pm or at dusk.

CONTACT INFO: Benn Griffin, Resident "Fat Ass" . (518)435-5590, or by e-mail at

AWARDS: No awards. No medal. Just bragging rights. And knowing you are a certified badass. **Your Race Director has an idea for run awards - the hint: You must be "tough as nails" to complete this run.**

Local time: 7:07 AM


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