Saturday, Sep 24, 2016

Stevens Creek Striders Trail Races

Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve

Los Altos Hills CA 50K, 30K, Half Marathon

This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 24, 2016

Race Day Registration

We will offer race-day registration for those who did not sign up in time (midnight, Wednesday). There is no increase in fees from the last fee schedule:
- Half Marathon: $70/$55 club member
- 30K: $85/$70 club member
- 50K: $85/$70 club member

Please bring cash to the race start. Registration opens at 6:45am on race day.

While not necessary, if you know ahead of time that you will race, please email me with your registration details (race distance, name, age, emergency contact, cell phone, t-shirt size) so that we can prepare your race packet and bib ahead of time. Thanks for your consideration.

Runner Emails

Here are the communications provided to runners already registered. All of the race info, including timing, logistics, maps links, aid station info, race day agenda, etc, is provided in the following documents:
- Runner email #1 (Sep 16, 2016)
- Runner email #2 (Sep 21, 2016)
- Runner email #3: (Sep 23, 2016)

Maps & Info

While we make every effort to provide for a well marked course, it is always possible that markings could be removed by unknowing or inconsiderate individuals. There is also the possibility that you could miss a marker or make a wrong turn. For this reason, it is your responsibility as a trail runner to KNOW THE COURSE. We provide you detailed links to maps and navigation software for this purpose. Make sure to study the course and have the appropriate means to navigate as required (printed map, nav software, maps on smartphone, etc.).

Please visit the Stevens Creek Striders web site for full race details, maps and links to recommended navigation software.

Start Times

  • 50K: 8:00 am. Early start 7:00 am
  • 30K: 8:00 am. Early start 7:00 am
  • Half-Marathon: 10:00 am

Start and Finish Location

The race HQ is located at Skyline Open Space Preserve, located on Hwy 35 (Skyline Blvd), 0.5 miles south of Page Mill Rd. Check in and pick up your bib at the Equestrian parking lot (left as you enter Skyline Open Space Preserve). This is the finish line area and race HQ. The start of the 30K and 50K races is a 5 minute walk from race HQ, across Hwy 35 (Skyline Blvd). After the race briefing (15 mins before race), we will walk together to the start line.

The Half Marathon start is located at the trailhead for Ipwa Trail, near the bathrooms in the main (upper) parking lot. We will follow a similar protocol for the Half Marathon — Race briefing 15 mins before the race, and then we will walk together to the race start area in the upper parking lot.

Description of Course

The Stevens Creek Striders Running Club is the oldest trail running group in the Bay Area (founded 1982). Harken back to old time races put on by runners, for runners. The courses are perfect for first-time trail racers — including well marked routes and breathtaking vistas. A mix of single-track and fireroad, covered woods and open hillsides. Two crossings of Stevens Creek; quite likely in September neither will involve getting wet. Course drains well and only minor mud will be encountered, probably none unless it has rained hard and recently.

The 30K and 50K routes start at the same location, and proceed south (southeast) from the start via Stevens Canyon and up the Table Mountain/Charcoal Flat Trail to Saratoga Gap, then back via Long Ridge Open Space Preserve to the start, then north (northwest) along the Bay Area Ridge Trail. The 30K course finishes at Skyline OSP, while 50K runners will continue along through Russian Ridge O.S.P. to Rapley Ranch Road and then back.

In the 50K distance, climbing is approximately 5450' overall but with only one sustained climb (1100' over 3.6M) and virtually all climbs are "runnable" (i.e., only a few short "very steep" sections). At the same time, however, virtually the entire course is rolling; there are no flat sections of any significant length.

The Half Marathon course runs the entire Ipwa Trail, and continues along the 50K route (with a small diversion to the Mindego Hill turnaround point) back to the finish line.

Local time: 4:46 PM


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