Sunday, Aug 21, 2016 @ 9:00 AM

Kesugi Ridge Traverse

Denali State Park AK 30 Miler

This Event Took Place Sun. Aug 21, 2016


Located in Denali State Park, the Kesugi Ridge course starts at the Little Coal Creek Trailhead and finishes 30 miles later at Byers Lake Campground. Starting around 1,400 feet, the trail climbs steadily to above tree line to an alpine ridge with a high point of 3,500 feet. The trail is marked with cairns in most places. About halfway, the Ermine Hill trail comes in from the right. The trail then descends into a forested valley at about 1,500 feet. It again climbs above tree line until it descends to Byers Lake via the Cascade Trail. The course finishes in the Byers Lake campground with food, drinks and awards. The total elevation gain is 6,200 feet and elevation loss is 6,800 feet.

Be aware this is not a race for beginners. Long-distance trail running experience is a must. Familiarity with the course is important. Past races have featured rain, snow, cold, and limited visibility. There will be time cut-offs both mid-race (4 hours at Ermine Hill) and overall (9 hours at Byers Lake).

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Qualifying trail

Participants must have completed at least one of the following trails: Kesugi Ridge trail, Crow Pass Crossing, Resurrection Pass trail, Lost Lake Trail, Matanuska Peak Challenge, Granite Tors, Angel Creek 50 or some other comparable race or training run.

Mandatory Gear

Participants must wear or carry the following gear: windbreaker, long-sleeved shirt, pants or tights, hat, gloves, sustenance and water bottle.

Age requirement

All entrants must be at least 18 years old on race day.

Local time: 4:33 PM


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