Saturday, Jan 21, 2017

R-U-N-N-O-F-T Run

216 Baptist Camp Rd

Alto, LA 1hrs, 3hrs, 6hrs, 12hrs

This Event Took Place Sat. Jan 21, 2017


Runnoft Race is an exercise in mental fortitude…

You can choose to run for 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, or 12 hours along the perimeter of the Richland Baptist Encampment (the perimeter of the encampment provides a 2.07 mi or 3 1/3 km loop for the course.) This is about as flat of a race as you will find (GPS recorded 3 feet of gain and 10 foot of loss over the course of a loop). The real challenge will be in not letting your mind get the best of you as you travel the course. A great opportunities for first timers who just want to “test the waters” of an ultra by attempting a new distance or time on feet personal record.

  • 50K (31 miles) in 12 hours at a 23:13 min/mi pace.
  • 50 miles in 12 hours at a 14:24 min/mi pace.
  • 100K (62 miles) in 12 hours at an 11:36 min/mi pace.
No matter how long a time you choose to spend on the course, all the races end at 6 pm.

Runners need to have at least a handheld bottle if they will want hydration along the course as the only aid station will be at the check-in start/finish. While the weather can vary considerably (Avg. temps are between 36 and 58 degrees, although it has been as low as 8 degrees and as high as 80 degrees) around this time of year, it is a January race so prepare accordingly. Twelve hour racers will have about an hour before sunrise on the course and all runners will have the last half hour coming after sunset so your preferred lighting source would also need to be considered.

Start/Finish Aid Station will have plenty of typical ultra vittles etc. along with volunteers that will be ready to help make sure you spend your time on the course. This event will serve as a fundraiser to one day help build a chapel facility for the Richland Baptist Encampment that provides the venue.

Schedule of Events

Friday, January 20, 2017
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM Opportunity to pick up packets.
Saturday, January 21, 2017
5:00 AM Final Opportunity to pick up packets for 12 hour participants.
5:50 AM Pre – 12 Hour Event Participant Briefing
6:00 AM 12 Hour Event Starts
6:50 AM Pre – 6 Hour Event Participant Briefing
7:00 AM 6 Hour Event Starts
10:50 AM Pre – 1 Hour Event Participant Briefing
11:00 AM 1 Hour Event Starts
Noon 1 Hour Event Ends
1:00 PM 6 Hour Event Ends
2:50 PM Pre – 3 Hour Event Participant Briefing
3:00 PM 3 Hour Event Starts
6:00 PM 12 Hour Event Ends
6:15 PM Post Event Celebration


Race Site Address: Richland Baptist Encampment
216 Baptist Camp Road
Alto, LA 71269 (Some mapping utilities will have it listed as Rayville, Louisiana)

From the North: Take exit 132 off I-20 for Start/Columbia.
Head South on LA-133 South (~ 7.5 miles)
Turn left onto LA-15 South (1.4 miles)
Turn left on Baptist Camp Rd.

From the South: (west) Connect with US-165 North (can take it to LA-15 South turnoff on the right)
Connect with LA-133 North via LA-4 East
Turn right on LA-15 South
Turn left on Baptist Camp Rd.

(east) Connect with US-425 North out of Natchez, MS
Turn left onto LA-15 North at Archibald
Turn right on Baptist Camp Rd.

From the East: Take I-20 West to Rayville, LA.
Take Exit 138 for Archibald/Rayville.
Turn right onto LA-137 South/US-425 South (0.6 miles)
Turn right on LA-135 South (9.4 miles)
Turn right on LA-15 North (1.2 miles)
Turn right on Baptist Camp Rd.

From the West: Take I-20 East to Monroe, LA.
Take Exit 118A for Columbia
Keep right onto US-165 South (~ 1 mile)
Turn left on LA-15 South (15.2 miles)
Turn left on Baptist Camp Rd.

Course Info

Start/Finish will be the sidewalk between the main building and its most immediate proximity cabin. The total course distance will be approximately a 2.07 mile loop that encircles the campus and travels along the road in and out of camp. If we are able to include the Beouf River levee (depends on weather), the course will have an elevation profile of around 10 ft gain/loss per loop. Otherwise, we are talking as flat as flat gets!
To begin, runners will either proceed down the hill to the left (or along the crest of the hill depending on weather) and along the edge of the Beouf River until reaching a tree/undergrowth line. That tree line will bring you back uphill and skirting the tree line past the baseball/softball field. After passing the ballfield, runners will turn right and head back towards the main gate. At the main gate, they will make a left and follow the camp road against the incoming flow of traffic so an oncoming traffic will be visible (the only traffic should primarily be other race participants or volunteers) until reaching the turnaround at LA-15 (the secondary aid station). After turning, runners will make their way back up the main camp road along the left side (still able to see oncoming cars). After passing the main gate, they will make their way along the fence line and tree line and back around to start/finish. Once you cross start/finish and check in with the timer, you will be credited for a loop.
Your race director will be officially marking the course on Friday afternoon during what shows up on the schedule as a packet pick-up time. At that time, I will better have knowledge of what adjustments may have to be made due to standing water and drainage from our recent storms. You are welcome to come preview the grounds and course with me at that time as well as pick up your shirt and bib #.

Aid Station

With regards to the requested items via the email communication “poll” of desired foods, we will have the following:
• Bananas (could you really have a race without them?)
• Oranges
• Candy
• Pretzels
• Chips
• Boiled Taters & Salt
• PB & J
• Pickles (& pickle juice)
• Raisins
• Marshmallows
• Possibly some grilled cheese and soup for the lunch period.

We will also have some food for a post-race meal following the conclusion of the 12-Hour event.


Alto is a little off the beaten path as far as major cities are concerned.
However, there is limited availability of bunks in the cabins on the camp grounds (just about as close as you can get to the race site without pitching a tent on the course.) Each of four cabins can house up to 15 people and I will be offering these on a first come, first serve basis (only $10 a night).

The nearest town of any size would be Rayville where there are two major chain hotels:

Days Inn Rayville
Address: 125 Maxwell Dr, Rayville, LA 71269
Phone:(318) 728-4500

Super 8 Rayville
Address: 116 Cottonland Rd, Rayville, LA 71269
Phone:(318) 728-5985

Local time: 10:45 PM


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