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New Registration Options! Registration Opens Monday, October 10th at 8:00 AM

Snowshoe racers rejoice! You can now register for all Goose Adventure Racing snowshoe races online at the same time. Simply click to register, then select which races you want to run. As always, paper registrations will be available on the day of each race for last-minute registration. Online registration for individual races will close five days prior to each race."
Please select only one Cast a Shadow Option (solo OR relay) unless you wish to pay for both.
Registration for a Cast a Shadow Relay team is for team Captains Only as you will be charged the full relay team price. Captains will receive two free registration codes to distribute to team members.

Frozen Assets

Start the Year on Snowshoes!
DATE: January 7, 2017
Race Start: 10:00 AM

ONLINE registration ($10) opens at 8:00 AM, October 10, 2016
ONLINE registration for Frozen Assets will close on January 3rd, 2017. There WILL be day-of registration available for $15.

Harriet Hollister Spencer State recreation Area is located at the south end of Honeoye Lake about 45 minutes South of Rochester, NY. We have chosen this park because of it's ability to always have snow. If there isn't any in the city of Rochester there is still a good chance of snow in Harriet.

The trail system is groomed for x-c skiing both classic and skate which makes for excellent snowshoeing conditions. Do not be fooled we always like to throw in a little ungroomed trail for the adventure.


Winterfest 8K

DATE: January 15, 2017

8K Start: 10:00 AM

ONLINE registration ($10) opens at 8:00 AM, October 10, 2016

ONLINE registration for Winterfest will close on January 11th, 2017. There WILL be day-of registration available for $15.

The 8K distance at Winterfest is new this year! The Winterfest snowshoe race is a low-frills events. We will have some light refreshments post-race, but will not be giving awards. The races is open to everyone including those planning on attending the US Snowshoe Association National Championships.

Trail Information
There will be a single course this year (prior years had two distance options). Trails will be mostly groomed. However, we can not be held responsible if it snows Friday or Saturday night and there is no time to groom. In the event there is no or little snow, the race will be run as a trail run.

Race Time
Winterfest 8K snowshoe race begins at 10:00am

If no snow (let's hope that doesn't happen again) this will be a trail run.

Packet pick up will begin at 9:00 am for all races at the Cavalry lodge. PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON THE ROAD IN FRONT OF THE LODGE. Plenty of parking is available at the corner of Pond and Douglas rd.


Cast a Shadow 6-Hour Solo and Realy

DATE: Saturday, February 4, 2017

4-mile Start: 10:30 AM

6-Hour Start: 1:00 PM
ONLINE registration ($45 Solo, $135 3-person Relay) opens at 8:00 AM, October 10, 2016

ONLINE registration for the Cast a Shadow Races will close on January 31st, 2017. There WILL be day-of registration available ($55 / $165).

Course Description:
The Race will be a loop of about 2-2.5 miles on mostly groomed trails. This of course depends on snowfall. If there is not enough snow this will be a trail run and the loop will be a little longer. Parts of this race will be taking place in the dark. Headlamps are MANDATORY after dusk. Race official will instruct runners when to turn on the lamps.

What if the Groundhog sees his shadow on Groundhog Day?
If on Groundhog day the little varmint sees his shadow, resulting in six MORE weeks of winter, the race is longer. If a runner leaves the start/finish area at 5 hours 59 minutes and 45 seconds, the last lap will count towards the overall lap count.

What if the Groundhog DOES NOT see his shadow on Groundhog Day?
If on Groundhog day the critter does NOT see his shadow, resulting in winter being cut short, the race will be shorter. Only laps completed before 7:00pm (six hours after the start) will count towards the overall lap count. If a runner crosses the start/finish line at 6 hours 0 minutes and 12 seconds, that lap DOES NOT count. Blame the groundhog not us!

Two Ways to Compete
Rather self-explained.
One person, six hours, as many laps as you can.
Age Groups: 29 and under, 30-49, and over 50

Three person teams. All Male, All Female or CO-ED
Age Groups:
Scholastic (high school and under), cumulative age under 105, and cumulative age 105 and over.

TEAM Rules:
A new runner must run each lap. There will be NO doubling of laps. Exchange must be made within the hand off zone. Teams are responsible for keeping track of when their teammate will be arriving.

Awards will be given to first place in each solo age division and team category.

Special awards will be given for any solo runner that completes a distance of a marathon or greater within the race window (Groundhog dependant of course)!"

Other Goodies
You will get to hang out with the Goose crew for over 6 hours. What more do you need? The first 50 entrants will be guaranteed a commemorative gift. Other race schwag will be announced closer to the race.


Little Rodent 4(ish) Mile

Is 6-hours too long? We already paid for the Lodge. We already paid for the insurance. We already bribed our volunteers with lies of great fame and overwhelming wealth. We might as well host a shorter version of the Cast A Shadow 6 hour snowshoe race. This shorter race will be two go-a-rounds of the 2ish mile loop. This will be a low frills event with awards and snacks like our season kick-off event Frozen Assets with ten year age groups men and women, plus overall open and masters divisions. Packet pick-up will begin at 9:30 am in the Sunnyside lodge. Race starts at 10:30am with men and women starting together.



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