Saturday, Sep 23, 2017 @ 7:00 AM

Saddleback Mountain Goat Marathon

Blue Jay Campground

Lake Elsinore CA Marathon, 1/2 Marathon

Registration closes: Sat, Sep 16 @ 11:59PM


Blue Jay Campground off Ortega Highway about 21 miles inland from San Juan Capistrano (I5) in Orange County.  Plan to be delayed during Ortega I5 interchange construction.

1/2 Marathon

The 1/2 Marathon course follows the Marathon course to West Horsethief Trail. At that junction 1/2 Marathon Runners will go left and begin the steep singletrack descent into Trabuco Canyon.
After 2 miles the 1/2 Marathon Runners will turn left and begin the climb to the N Main Divide and the Horsethief aid station.


The Marathon course follows the North Main Divide to Upper Holy Jim.. At that junction Marathon runners will turn onto Upper Holy Jim and begin a steep uphill singletrack for 1 mile. At the top of Upper Holy Jim Trail will go left and continue to the Holy Jim aid station where runners will be directed onto Holy Jim trail, a fast 5 mile downhill into the Canyon. Once at the Volunteer Fire Station runners will begin a five mile uphill climb on a rocky singletrack. They will rejoin the 1/2 marathoners course.


Check-in starts at 5:00 am with pre-race briefing at 6:30.  Race starts at 07:00.  Time limit 8.5 hours  Cutoffs strictly enforced.

Special Consideration

As in all Old Goat events we extend a 25% discount to all active duty military, firefighters, and public law enforcement.  If you qualify for this discount send an e-mail to for the coupon code. 


The Saddleback Marathon has been an Orange County / Inland Empire running institution for over twenty years. It's founder Baz Hawley turned over the reins of the Saddleback Marathon to Old Goat Trail Races and it's founder Steve Harvey.  Steve conducts ultra-distance races in the Cleveland national Forest and is more commonly know as the 'Old Goat his own self'.  If it's an Old Goat race there is one thing you can be sure of - there will be  a lot of climbs. 

To stay consistent with the marathon and Steve's insistence of naming races after goats the 'Saddleback Trail Marathon' will be known as the Saddleback Mountain Goat Marathon...  and to keep old things 'new' we will reverse directions every year. This year the course will be run Counter Clockwise..

Local time: 2:29 PM


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