Saturday, Jun 3, 2017
This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 3, 2017


We've extended the on-line registration to next Thursday (June 1st). Come out and celebrate the BUS 40th anniversary on Saturday, June 3rd.

Event Description

Come join us on Saturday, June 3rd at 8:15AM to celebrate 40 years with the Broadway Ultra Society (BUS) Anniversary Run. There will be two races: a 40K and a 40 Mile road run. You DO NOT have to declare what distance you are running. All participants, even eventual 40-Mile finishers, will receive an official time & place in the "40K". There also will be an "added" recording of times and places at the marathon (26.2 mile) location (about a mile & 1/2 further from the 40K mark on the course loop). There only will be one "official" start.

The Start/Finish area will be at the Alley Pond Park "Springfield" section, located on 76th Avenue just east of Springfield Blvd. in Queens, NY. The race loop is a 3.08-mile circuit on paved (macadam) park paths. The loop can be challenging with series of roller coaster inclines and declines in a park and woodsy surroundings. Each loop is about 70% shady. The race objectives: 40K - complete 8 loops; 40 miles - complete 13 loops; "marathon" - complete 8 loops plus 1.58 miles. TIME LIMITS: 8 Hours for 40K and marathon; 9 hours & 45 minutes for 40 Miles. The latter time limit will be administered. There will be 3 AID stations per loop providing water, Gatorade, defizzed cola & food snacks. Finish Line Station will also have medical supplies.

AWARDS: 40K: Modest awards to each finisher. 40 Miles: Distinctively design awards to each finisher
SPECIAL PERKS to all pre-entrants: Commemorative race shirt if received by May 26 and also commemorative mug if received by May 17.
POST RACE: Refreshments will be served to runners and their guests adjacent to the Finish Line.

ENTRY PROCEDURE: $40.00 for BUS Members: $50 for non-BUS Members. Late & Post Entries may be accepted. Manual registration & details, and fee-free on-line UltraSignup are open now. Late & Post Entries may be accepted.

Local time: 8:14 PM


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