Saturday, Apr 27, 2019

Falcon 50

USAF Academy

Colorado Springs, CO 50 Miler, Marathon, Military Heavy, 1/2 Marathon

This Event Took Place Sat. Apr 27, 2019


This event is open to DoD ID-Card Holders only.  Active Duty, Reserve, Guard, Retired, DoD Civilian, Contractor, etc. Bottom Line: In order to access the starting line at the United States Air Force Academy outside of visiting hours (i.e. before 0800), you must have a valid DoD Identification card or be escorted on base with an individual that does.  If you do not meet either requirement YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON BASE FOR THE START OF THE RACE.  For any questions on this policy please contact the race director ( or OIC ( 


Find us on Facebook under "Falcon 50 Race Series".

Race Results

Timing will be conducted unofficially using stopwatch software at the finish line. Following the race, results will be posted in a timely manner. If there are any corrections needed, please contact the race director. Races will have the following start schedule:
- 0600: Military Heavy and 50 Miler
- 0700: Marathon
- 0800: Half Marathon
Please contact Jestyn Roberts ( or Maj. Rozak ( with any further questions.


How we perceive ourselves is directly related to the difficulty of the challenges we partake. Those with an air of confidence have pushed themselves to their own limits and kept going, while the weak of heart stray from any endeavors which could bring about pain. Challenge yourself and realize the pain of finishing a difficult task is greatly outweighed by the joy and fulfillment of knowing you pushed your limits.

-Falcon 50 Race Series

Welcome to the 8th annual running of the Falcon 50. This event has 4 race distances/options: a 50 mile run, 26.2 mile run, a 26.2 military heavy ruck, and the newly added 13.1 mile run. Join us and help continue the legacy while discovering how far you are able to push yourself.

The Falcon 50 Race Series, first event run in 2011, takes place on the Air Force Academy Reservation and in the surrounding mountains. It is a scenic and challenging route that will take its participants through some of the most beautiful and challenging terrain the Academy has to offer. **All paid entrants will receive a customized race shirt, access to aid stations throughout the course manned by volunteers of the cadet wing, and photos following the race.** All marathon, half marathon and military heavy finishers will be awarded a medal, ultramarathon finishers under 8.5 hours and military heavy finishers under 6.5 hours will receive a Falcon 50 belt buckle (NOTE: FASTER REQUIREMENTS FOR BELT BUCKLES). All ultramarathon finishers will also receive a Falcon 50 patch (approved for A-Jacket use if applicable).

The ultramarathon is the great equalizer of races. Young, old, seasoned racer, or fresh to the starting blocks... in the end, it will be your determination above all else that gets you to the finish line. The 50 miles of the Falcon 50 Ultra course ensure that this event will be one of the toughest athletic challenges you can undertake on the Academy grounds.

If it wasn't tough, then it probably wasn't worth doing.

-Falcon 50

This is a NON-PROFIT event. Any money left over after the event will be donated to Air Force Sergeant's Association and Focus on the Family for their military support. Any canned goods will be donated to a local food bank


The four events you know and loathe are back, including a half marathon for those who just want a taste of the beautiful running trails of the Air Force Academy; happy training. For safety, all runners must complete before official sunset. A race cutoff schedule will be sent prior to the race start.

* FALCON 50 MILITARY HEAVY (26.2 miles with a 35lb ruck)
* FALCON 50 MARATHON (you can run or hike as the course remains open from start time until about 2000 hrs) (26.2 miles)
* FALCON 50 HALF MARATHON (13.1 miles)

No racer will be prevented from attempting the 50 mile Falcon 50 Ultramarathon course, so long as they meet cutoff times.  This applies to both Marathon and Military Heavy entrants.  However, in order to receive event specific finisher awards, like the Falcon 50 belt buckle, you must have registered for that event.

You can pack any gear, food, or water in the ruck. Additionally, this year, we will donate any canned goods used as ballast to a local food bank. We ask that those participating have at least 35 pounds of weight to be used for non-consumption purposes, whether that be weighted plates or canned goods. Ballast will not be provided at race start; please procure your own for the event. Participants will have 2 opportunities to weigh their rucks: at race check-in, and the morning of the race.

A google earth file of the race course can be found here:

Note that you must download the file and open in google earth to view the course. The course starts at Stillman Field for all events and runs counter clockwise.

* Note on ultra-marathon division * The ultra-marathon is two laps of the marathon loop WITHOUT the mini-lap.

* Note on half-marathon division * The half-marathon is an out and back, NOT a loop.

* Note on military heavy division * in the past we have required participants to wear a military uniform and boots but this year we are allowing runners to use whatever equipment they feel is necessary. 

* Note on marathon distance races (marathon and military heavy) * Following the completion of 1 lap, all marathon distance racers (marathon and military heavy participants) must complete a mini-lap around Road 239, Aviator Dr, and Parade Loop to complete the 26.2 miles.

Local time: 7:09 AM


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