Saturday, Jun 22, 2019
This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 22, 2019

Wood Splitter Solstice

“Take a Sunday drive in the country; on your feet; on a Saturday”

Welcome to the Wood Splitter Solstice Series! On 6/22/19 and 12/21/19, put your body, mind and spirit to the test, and run as many 1-1.5 mile loops as possible, from Sunrise to Sunset. Take on the challenge, and welcome in the Summer and Winter seasons in Ohio.

The event will loop the 42 acre “Last Straw” farm in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, and along the way you will experience wooded trails and a farm that provides one of the best landscape views in Central Ohio.

As the course is designed it will be a 1 mile loop that will be run as many times as possible, from sunrise to sunset (or 4 hrs). With that, you can choose to run half the day or the entire day, depending on your personal goals.

For the top runners of each day there will be overall prizes for the top 3 men and women, and for the series, there will be cash prizes for the top 5 men and women. (Amount TBD)

Pricing will stay consistent, so once you are ready to take on the challenge, we will be waiting!

Fundraise: The event will be raising funds for the For Those Who Would non-profit organization. If you are looking for an event to put your fundraising skills into action, this would be a great one!


What is the Wood Splitter Solstice Series?
The Wood S3 is a timed Ultra Endurance race, that will have participants running a 1 mile looped course from sunrise to sunset.

What is the distance of the race?
The distance per loop will be 1 mile. The distance of the race will depend on how many loops can be completed by the end of the timed event.

How long is the race?
Both races are timed events and will start at sunrise and end at sunset.
Summer Solstice Race (6/22/19) - 15 Hours (6:03 AM - 9:04 PM) : 4 Hours (8:00 AM - 12:00 PM)
Winter Solstice Race (12/21/19) - 9 Hours 19 Minutes (7:50 AM - 5:09 PM) : 4 Hours (8:00 AM - 12:00 PM)

Where is the race?
Mt. Vernon, Ohio

What does the race cost?
Summer and Winter full events $100 per runner (4 Hour events $50 per runner)

Can I do just one of the races?

Can I do both races?

Did I hear something about prize money?
There will be prize money for the SERIES leaders. Individual races will have top male and female awards, but not money.

What is the runner swag for the race?
Summer - Trucker Hat & Other swag
Winter - Beanie & Other Swag
Solstice Challenge Finishers - TBD (Buckle, Flask or Something else cool like that)

What do I need to bring vs. what is supplied?
As a runner, you should come prepared for most of your day. There will be 1 aid station at the Start/Finish line with the normal Ultra Fare. (Chips, Pop, Cookies, Pretzels, Pickles, etc.

Water will also be supplied.

Can I bring a tent, or something else for shelter and privacy?

Local time: 7:16 AM


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