Saturday, Nov 9, 2019 @ 7:00 AM

Savannah SSOD (Stone Stairs of Death) Race


Savannah, GA 2hrs, 1.5hrs, 1hrs

This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 9, 2019

Savannah Stone Stairs of Death Race

The Savannah Stone Stairs of Death Race (SSOD race) is a unique challenge. This race has you running up the 33 gnarly steep steps on the western end of River Street in Savannah, Ga. Upon reaching the top of the steps you will continue running a one third mile loop for an hour, 1.5 hours or two hours straight. Whoever racks up the most mileage in their registered for time slot wins!

Each mile you run is approximately 100 feet of elevation gain.

Before you sign up you may want to ask yourself “why would I pay to run up these horrific stairs for an hour straight?” Good question!

Here’s answer 1: You get a great shirt!

Answer 2: It’s an incredible challenge unlike any other you’re likely to come across anywhere else! You will impress yourself with your results after 1, 1.5 or 2 hours of running up these steps on this short loop! Running these steps are about the best mountain training you’ll get at low-elevation Savannah.

Answer 3: You will be helping an impressive young lady that has been in the fight of her life, – Stephanie Moore. Many of you know this name because she is part of our running community. She is an ultra runner with a heart of gold and possesses the strength of the mountains she’s run up and down and through for years on end. A year ago, Stephanie was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in her colon and liver. She has been through hell and back. Stephanie is amazingly strong and courageous.

The SSOD race is going on its third year. After expenses for the race are covered the remaining money has been donated. The last two years this race has generated over $2000 that was sent directly to the Thatcher family for Layla’s fight with childhood leukemia.

The 2019 SSOD race will be held in honor of Stephanie Moor and after the race expenses are covered, the remaining money will be sent directly to Stephanie. We will write out a check to her after the race. What she does with the money is her business.

Since this is a small race -(we cannot accommodate more than 65 runners on this short course) – we ask runners to seek sponsors for every mile they run so that we may maximize the donation to Stephanie.

Local time: 12:52 PM


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