Saturday, Sep 21, 2019

Morgan Hill Meat Grinder

1135 Toggenburg Rd

Fabius, NY Marathon, 15K

This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 21, 2019


This is a USATF santcioned and insured event. This race is happening with approval and permission with the NYS DEC, Finger Lakes Trail Conference, Private Landowners, Toggenburg Mtn and the ADK-Onondaga trail chapter. We are very privileged to have this race happening and it would not be possible without the previously listed parties, so a huge thank you to all of them!

This race will be utilizing much of the Morgan Hill State Forest and will be run on the Finger Lakes Trail system. This race is called the Morgan Hill Meat Grinder because after you have completed the entire marathon course you may feel pretty ground up, but what you have accomplished with the hills, the mud, the roots, the rocks, the water crossings and whatever else you may encounter you have actually become the grinder and turned those trivial things into something that makes you stronger.

We here at Salt City Trail Running are very very excited to be bringing you this event and will be looking forward to seeing you there on race day! Follow us on Facebook or ask on there if you would like a preview run of the course.

When you are signing up for this event you should understand that trail running can be difficult and come with some unique challenges and that you will be prepared for those challenges, any other

Race Details

The race offers two distances at this point, the main distance being the Trail Marathon which covers over 26 miles of variable terrain and a 15k option that will cover mostly the single track trail. Both races will start and finish in the parking lot of Toggenburg Mountain and will be run on the same course however the 15k will be an out and back format.

Marathon - The marathon course starts out with about 1.5 miles of pavement running South away from Togg and then hanging a right on Bardeen road where you will pick up the FLT Blue trail. Most of this race will follow the blue trail with a few small exceptions. Once you pick up the FLT you will follow that all the way to Spruce pond which is about 7-8 miles into the race at which point you will pick up the Orange trail. This is the only junction in the course where there is a slight overlap. The Orange loop is a little over 3 miles with lots of variable terrain and the part on the course where you encounter one of the tougher climbs of the course. After completing the Orange loop and hitting the aid station you get back on the Blue trail this time up and away from Spruce with another steep climb and work your way over to Tinker Falls. Before heading down to the falls be sure to stop and take a view from the hang glider launch as seen on the banner photo.

After your photo op head down towards tinker and follow the blue trail up over and around Tinker Falls. At no point do you get off the Blue trail until reaching the next aid station at mile 16-17. From here you will have some forest road to run before picking up the Blue trail again back to the aid station you just left. From there you will follow the forest road in the opposite direction for 3 miles before picking up the Blue trail again for your return back to the start!!! All said and done the race has 3 miles of pavement, 18 miles of wonderful forest single track trails and a little over 4 miles of forest road boasting over 4,000 ft of elevation gain!!

15k - This race is an out and back format. Starting at Toggenburg Mountain you will head South and hang a right on Bardeen road about 1.5 miles on pavement. From here you will pick up the FLT Blue trail and follow that out to the first Aid Station which will be at your second road crossing. From there you will grab aid and turn around and run back to the start/finish line.

Refund Policy

With this being the first year of the event and registration opening so late there will be a very limited refund policy for this years event. If you need to withdraw from the race you will be given a 50% refund from July 1st - August 31st. After August 31st there will be no refunds and you can consider your entry a donation to the FLTC.

FLTC - Donation

When registering for this event you will have the opportunity to donate some extra money to the FLTC - Finger Lakes Trail Conference. As part of your registration we will be donating some of your entry fee to them right off the top but any extra donations would be greatly appreciated. This race would not take place if it were not for organizations like the FLTC and we would like to support them as best as possible. Please consider signing up and becoming a member!

Local time: 9:44 AM


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