Friday, Jul 10, 2020

Devil's Gulch

7500 Mission Ridge Rd

Wenatchee, WA 120 Miler, 50 Miler, 1/2 Marathon

This Event Took Place Fri. Jul 10, 2020

Cancelled Event


Due to the ever-changing situation with COVID-19, the 2020 Devil's Gulch races (120 mile, 50 mile, and half marathon) have been canceled.

I know so many of you have worked really hard to start your training, and I know so many of us are hoping for a return to normality. I also know that no matter what decision is made or when it is made, people will be upset, and for that, I am so sorry. This decision was not made lightly, and was made after reading some of the recent CDC and state-led "reopening" strategies, which cemented my belief that it is very unlikely that we will have many large events this summer.

Everyone who was registered will receive a 100% rollover credit for the 2021 or 2022 event. If you were on the waitlist, you will not be charged.

Thank you to everyone for your amazing support for this first-year event. I'm really excited to make it extra special for you next year.

120 is the new 200

Ever get that itch, the one where you feel like you miiiight just be able to go a bit longer than 100 miles, but maybe the idea of a 200 miler is a bit too much? Girl, we've got a race for you.

This brand-new event in the East Cascades of Washington state will take you up and over some incredible peaks, through a gulch named for Satan himself, and will start and finish with a huge party at a ski resort. What could be better?

Choose your own adventure! We have Devil's Gulch 120 miler, which will start Friday morning. Saturday morning, we'll kick off with the Devil's Gulch 50-miler, with an extremely generous 24-hour cutoff. That's right, a 24-hour cutoff. Still too much? Join us Saturday evening for the East Side or Die Trail Half Marathon, a course specially designed for the crew, the family, the ex-boyfriends, the soon-to-be-ex-husbands of the ultra distance runners. Or really just for anyone who wants to come out, enjoy the party, and not half-kill themselves in the process.

This event is in collaboration with Yeti Trail Runners, and we expect it to be pretty popular, so add it to your watch list now! Registration opens October 1, 2019.

Devil's Gulch 120

This tough and gorgeous course will take you on a 36-mile loop through Devil's Gulch and up and over Mount Lillian in the East Cascades. You'll do this large loop three times, then a shorter 12-mile loop to rack up some bonus miles.

You'll rack up over 25,000' of gain in this race, but don't worry: you have 48 hours to get it done. The course follows some runnable and not-so-runnable single track, plus a bit of forest service road. The views are incredible, and the temperatures should be nice and hot. Check out the website for more details about the race, the course, and the schedule.

Finishers will receive a super rad buckle, a shirt, and plenty of food and beverage at the finish line. We promise to hang out and keep the party going until the bitter end.

Devil's Gulch 50

Ah yes, you are reading this section because the race looks amazing, but honestly, what crazy people want to do a 120 mile? (answer: only the most badass of the people.) We are offering a 50-mile option this weekend as well. Note that the 50 miler starts on SATURDAY, and has a generous 24-hour cutoff - so if you need some extra time, or are worried about the 10,000' of gain in the 50 miler course, this is a great option for you.

The course will cover a 36-mile loop, followed by a 12-mile loop. Finishers will get a medal, a shirt, and plenty of beer, food, and partying at the finish line (we'll wait up for you!).

Check out the website for all the details!

East Side or Die Trail Half Marathon

Ok, ok. I get it. You are here thinking "120 miles? 24-hour 50 miler?? Who are these people??!" But wait, you know these people. They are your friends, or family, or spouse, or that cute girl you work with - they are these badass people. You want to be part of their world, part of the experience, but can't you do it without having to, you know, RUN 120 miles?

Yes, you can.

You can sign up for the East Side or Die trail half marathon, a 13.1-mile loop that starts and ends at the ski resort, same as everyone else. This race will start Saturday at 6 pm, with the hopes that your peppy, high energy, speed-loving, fresh faces will inject some actual life back into the zombies out on the course. Are you crewing for a runner, but need to get in a training run at the same time? This is the race for you. Are you trying to impress the girl from work? Yep, sign on up.

Details on the website!

Local time: 2:59 AM
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