Saturday, May 30, 2020

The 4MPH Challenge Backyard Ultra

The Great Shasta Rail Trail

McCloud , CA Up to 100M: Grp B, Unlimited: Group A, Up to 36M: Grp C, Up to 12M: Grp D

Registration Closed Fri. May 1, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Cancelled Event


Hey Everyone

I wanted to follow up based off my additional conversations I have been having over the past 2 weeks. First off- I appreciate you all and thank you so much for the responses and your thoughts around current situation and the race.

Unfortunately- based on the current situation, we will need to be formally cancelling 4MPH Challenge for May 30th :/

Everyone who has signed up will be receiving 100% credit for 2021's event happening May 29th 2021. The exciting point is next year's event will be a Golden Ticket Event into Laz's Big's Backyard. I will also be helping the winner who earns the Golden Ticket and will pay 50% of your airline ticket to Tennessee for the race.

In an effort to keep the hope and inspiration alive- I will be running my 4MPH Challenge (Home Edition) in an effort to raise money for a cause and movement that pulls on my heart. Catalyst Mentoring. Founded and led by the one and only Aaron Hayes. Catalyst is a Non Profit here in Shasta County that is changing the world with a focus and passion on our Youth through their Mentor | Mentee Programs. I had the honor of being involved in there recent Life Skills Academy Program where it focused on equipping teens with the skills needed to change their future. Through my experience and friendships with Aaron and Catalyst Mentoring- it has continued to light my fire for our youth (especially being a father myself) and make it known to the youth through Catalyst Mentoring that EVERY youth should fully know:

You Are Seen
You Are Heard
You Are Loved
You Are Worthy

I will be running each lap with Our Youth in mind. It is through our sufferings that some of the greatest things are born. I am excited and ready to take on as much suffering as possible to continue to bring LIFE into Catalyst Mentoring and in return OUR YOUTH.

As a fundraiser- I will be asking folks and businesses for donation amounts per lap I complete. The more laps I complete- the MORE of an impact and resources that will be available and donated for Catalyst Mentoring to empower, equip and love on our youth. To add to the incentive- I am hopeful to have Multiplier Milestones at the 100 mile | 150mile | 200 mile and beyond where the giving is multiplied from the normal lap amount.

With appropriate social distancing in place- some in person support and cheering is always more than welcomed and additional details will be shared as it gets a bit closer.

I challenge each of you to consider sharing/donating if able or even better yet- take on the challenge with me and find a local business or non profit that is in need and set up the same dynamic on your end! I will create a Strava and Facebook Group that I encourage you all to join and we can keep each other motivated and inspired as it goes down.

More details to come.

I appreciate you all and lets not forget to keep smiling

Ryan Spitz

Local time: 7:18 PM


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