This Event Took Place Sun. Mar 21, 2004

Full Details on the Striders Web Site

Please visit the Stevens Creek Striders web site at for full details. Click the 'i' icon in red above.

Start time 50k: 8am. Early start 7am. 30k: 9.30am. Half-Marathon: 11am.
Start & Finish is on Hwy 35 (Skyline Blvd) 8.2 miles south of Hwy 84.

Description of Course

A mix of single-track and fireroad, covered woods and open hillsides. Two crossings of Stevens Creek; quite likely in September neither will involve getting wet. Course drains well and only minor mud will be encountered, probably none unless it has rained hard and recently. The basic route proceeds south (southeast) from the start via Stevens Canyon and up the Table Mountain/Charcoal Flat Trail to Saratoga Gap, then back via Long Ridge Open Space Preserve to the start, then north (northwest) along the Bay Area Ridge Trail through Russian Ridge O.S.P. to Rapley Ranch Road and then back. Climbing is approximately 5450' overall (see profile below) but with only one sustained climb (1100' over 3.6M) and virtually all climbs are "runnable" (i.e., only a few short "very steep" sections). At the same time, however, virtually the entire course is rolling; there are no flat sections of any significant length.

On pricing please note that UltraSignup add some $3 or $4 processing fee to the prices shown.

Local time: 10:15 AM


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