Saturday, Mar 28, 2020 @ 8:00 AM

Run Fool

Newport, OR TBD Time 2 Per, TBD Time 4 Per, TBD Time 6 Per

Registration closes: Wed, Mar 25 @ 11:59PM

6 Hour - 12 Hour Relay

Run anywhere from 6 Hours Relay to 12 Hours. Race time TBD - on race day!

Sign up for this 2-person, 4-person or 6-person Timed Relay on a figure 8 2.6 mile course where the time will be revealed on race day before the gun goes off.

We'll put times in a hat starting with 6 hours and increments of 15 minutes - 6:00, 6:15, 6:30, 6:45....11:45 & 12:00. We'll draw one time and that's the time we'll run!

No one but the race director will know the time drawn. You'll run until the clock stops. You or your teammate is meters from completing a loop and clock stops....that loop won't count toward your final distance!


2-person, 4-persons or 6-person teams only

Don't replace your teammate mid-race - that's it.

Teammates do not have to keep any running sequence and don't have exchange after every loop. If you feel like running multiple loops before you exchange, you may do so. You're in a 2-person team and you want to do 75% of the running, you may do so.


There'll only be one team crowned as the FOOL! 2-person team competes with 4 & 6-person teams. You think your 2-person team is fast enough to beat the 6-person team, go for it!

Special pricing for first 15 teams to register.

Local time: 1:00 AM
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