This Event Took Place Sat. Jul 10, 2010

Angeles Forest Runners

It has come to my attention that the Angeles Forest Race was cancelled yesterday. I have received a bunch of requests to register for my race. My race is full but I'm working something out for some of you.

If you want to run - please join the waitlist. Wednseday at 11AM PST I will let 12 people in at random from the waitlist. However, there is a shirt and medal shortage so I am providing two options:

1. 15% discount and you will get last year's shirt and medal (note that you can check with me at the end of the day to see if any of this years medals or shirts are leftover)
2. 27% discount and you will get NO shirt and NO Medal

In order to get the discount code before you signup for the waitlist you will need to contact me at jessica at dirtyfeet . us

Thanks much and good luck!

Course Description

15K & 30K & 50K in the scenic Cleveland National Forest and Santa Ana Mountains. Enjoy spectacular views and sunny skies!  This race is dog friendly (though watch the heat with them!) so long as your dog is people friendly and other-dog friendly :)

Local time: 10:04 PM


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