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Saturday, Aug 21, 2010

Hagg Dust

Forest Grove, OR 50K, 25K

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 21, 2010


August 21, 2010 at Hagg Lake Run for Fun will hold a 25k and 50k trail race. It's sort of like deja vu all over again, sorta.

...similar, but different....

We'll be offering not mud but sun (hopefully! It is Oregon afterall!),

We'll not have hot soup but will have cold beer.

We've decided to not have mylar blankets but will have sunscreen at the aid stations!

Run for Fun, LLC

Run for Fun is holding this event. Run for Fun and the ORRC are not affiliated.

The idea for Hagg Dust came from a re-run of McNaughton held in the Spring in Pekin, IL, which is a also a very, very muddy and wet course. A friend of mine put on a dry version in the summer called McNotagain!!! It was a blast! We hope to make that same type event possible with Hagg Dust. No rain, please!!!

Local time: 4:33 AM


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