Sunday, Feb 27, 2011

TRC Post Oak Lodge

Tulsa, OK 50K, 25K

This Event Took Place Sun. Feb 27, 2011


The Post Oak Lodge 50K, 25K, 10K Trail Challenge is not a walk in the park, these are trails in the woods and it is not for the faint at heart. This is the TRC Post Oak Lodge Challenge. The trails are a combination of less than a mile of existing gravel roads, old farm roads, a couple of chat trails, and miles and miles of single track trail winding through meadows and deep woods. As hard as we have tried there is no avoiding the hills of Osage County. It is a beautiful course with a little bit of everything. There are rocky areas, creek crossings, and a good chance of mud on the trail, but for the most part it is the hills that will give you the best workout. For this reason we have raised the difficulty rating to a seven (out of ten). If you plan to run this one fast then you need to train for hills, lots of hills.

The TRC Post Oak Lodge Troad Marathon, Half Marathon, and Quarter Marathon will be ran on paved surfaces all the way.

The Quarter Marathon will be an out and back on the road, 100% paved with no concrete. There is not a flat place to be found on this course, it is downhill for the first mile, rolling hills for the nest 3 miles and uphill the remainder. Welcome to the TRC Post Oak Lodge Challenge! !

The Half Marathon will be approximately 8 miles on the road and 5 miles on the Katy Trail, all paved surfaces with first half downhill and rolling hills and the second half rolling hills and uphill.

The Full Marathon will be approximately 8 miles on the road and 18 miles on the Katy Trail and River City Park Trail in Sand Springs. This is a very scenic route on the old Katy Railroad track turned trail especially with the additional River City Park Trail that has been added by the City of Sand Springs. It is all paved surface except for a few short areas of concrete. The marathon has a difficulty rating of 5 because of the long uphill grade at the end. The Katy Trail and River City Park Trail are both very close to being flat and level, but don't worry, the last three miles will give you all the hills you want.

Local time: 4:11 AM

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