Saturday, Jun 30, 2012

Silverton 6/12/24 Hour Mountain Runs

Kendall Mountain Recreation Area

Silverton, CO 6 Hour (8am), 12 Hour (8am), 6 Hour (8pm), 12 Hour (8pm), 24hrs

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 30, 2012


The start / finish line will be inside of the large 60 by 100 foot white event tent at the base of the ski hill.  The course is a 1.00 mile trail loop to the top of the ski hill and around the beaver pond featuring 250 feet of elevation gain & loss per loop. Runners will switch directions every 3 hours to keep things fresh. Remember, this is a high altitude event that starts at 9,318 feet!

Race Format

This is a fixed time “go as you please” style running event.The goal being to run as many laps of the course as you desire in the amount of time you are racing for. While these types of events are often held on flatter courses designed for maximum mileage, the Silverton 6/12/24 is designed for maximum toughness and maximum hurt.  You can still take breaks as little or often as you’d like and there is no minimum number of laps to complete in your given race time limit. No partial laps will be counted.

Local time: 2:23 PM


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